Yes to Yardley-this ain’t your granny’s lavender….

I received these products for review.

When I think Yardley, I think bath time.  I also think of my grandmother and her bottle of Yardley that sat on her countertop in the bathroom.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these 2 products-English lavender? All I could think of was ladies in hats and pastel skirt suits and sandals.  And the lotion? I was certain it would be some runny, thin consistency that would have my elbows dry in an hour.

Here’s what Yardley says about the eau de toilette (I hardly ever wear EDT as it evaporates quickly on me!):

Our signature fragrance combines lavender leaves, neroli and clary sage with a heart of lavender oil and geranium, with deeper notes of sandalwood and tonka bean.


And the body lotion, you say?

A light and easily absorbed lotion that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately fragranced.


My thoughts:

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE these 2 products-and seeing the ingredients (and knowing they are blends) made me VERY VERY happy.  I layered them together when I wore them. The lotion was the biggest shocker….it was thick and soft, but absorbed quickly.  The scent has great staying power-I can still smell it on my wrist after a full 8 hours.

Should you buy it?

If you like lavender and earthy, crisp blends, then absolutely!  My only ‘complaint’ is that the lotion should come in a bigger size.  I used this product for 3 weeks and I’m practically out of lotion! I would prefer a tub or just larger bottle.


Miss Manga by Voluminous (L’Oreal Paris)

*I received these products for review.*

I could barely contain my excitement when I saw this mascara in my mailbox.  I’m a huge fan of manga-even the kind that no one really reads anymore (I bet you’ve never hear of Strawberry marshmallow, have you?).  So of course, I want MANGA-SIZED lashes!

From L’Oreal Paris:

Inspired by the funky culture of Japan and fun loving Kawaii attitude, Miss Manga mascara envelopes lashes with mega volume for an innocently flirty, wide-eyed look.  The mega impact formula with collagen spheres and triology of polymers adheres to lashes and enlarges them for sensational volume.  Fiercely painting every single lash top to bottom-this new mascara creates a wide open and full look just like a Kawaii doll. 




I love this mascara!  It has a 360 degree flexor wand that DOES amplify upper lashes. It also has a cone tip that is good for the inner corners of the eyes and lower lashes.  It’s not a dry formula but it’s not necessarily wet etiher.  It comes in 4  colors: black (actually black, blackest black, brown black), purple, turquoise, electric blue.  I’ve been wearing the purple often and loving it.  It’s a fun break from ‘typical’ colors. Be warned though-multiple coats of this product will produce ‘thick’ lashes-it’s almost like it’s clumping.  I use 1-2 light coats.

This is a fantastic product and it’s worth a look. It’s available at mass market retailers and drugstores across Canada with a suggested retail of $10.99 CAD.

Now, I’m off to twist my hair into those cute little Princess Lea buns in the photo!

Beautifully speaking…..2 reasons to love the Yonge/St. Clair area-a teaser post!

Since I work in the area, I felt it necessary to find some ‘go-to’ spots for all my getting pretty requirements.  So far, I’ve done pretty well. Get it? PRETTY well? Check out my latest finds and stay tuned for an in-depth look at all my new work neighborhood hot spots!

Me & T Studio

1568 Yonge Street, Toronto


What they’re about:

Nails, pedicures, tanning, lashes, hair-hmmm what else is there again? Seriously ladies/gents, this place is a GEM.  This ain’t  your average $15.00 manicure pick out your color corner nail shop.  The 3 resident nail gurus (Dylan, Elizabeth, Shirley) can whip up just about anything your heart desires in terms of shape, color, and design-the sky IS the limit.  They all have their particular niche-and make SURE you ask to see their nail art….they have so many unique designs! Ummmm also, Me&T offers complimentary hand scrub AND paraffin wax treatment with a manicure…….WHOAH.

Let’s talk lashes…..are yours lacking or do you want a bit of a boost? Owner of Me & T Shauna will hook you up with some Novolash lash extensions to your liking of course-long, natural, bambi eyes……she can do it all!  I tend to go for the doe-eyes and am loving my lashes! No mascara required!

Feeling pasty?  Try a spray tan!  Again, this isn’t the mystic tan booth that leaves you with streaks and drips all over.  This is AVIVA, the top of the line, crème de la crème of custom airbrush tanning.  A variety of shades are available, it’s NOT ORANGE and you can put your clothes back on your body as soon as you are dry (under 5 minutes for this girl).  So easy, and safe-completely UV free!  Did I mention Fridays are Faux at Me & T? Book a tan on Friday for a 20% discount!  Want to keep your tan in check? Me & T has your aftercare on the shelf and IN STOCK!

Me&T offers competitive pricing and superb quality -you can tell the difference between a corner nail shop manicure and a Me&T mani! Check out their website for services offered and pricing-you also have the ability to book appointments online! If you’re a social media type, check out their instagram & twitter accounts for nail art updates and examples of their work.

PLEASE NOTE-it is preferable to book an appointment at Me&T to get EXACTLY what you want when you want it. Staff books up incredibly fast.

And as if Me & T wasn’t enough, how about Fiorio Salon & Spa on Yonge?

Fiorio Salon & Spa

1470 Yonge Street, Toronto


What they’re about:  Hair, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing

Okay so this place is where I went on a complete whim after several months of DIY hair disasters (think Pinterest NAILED IT MEMES-yes that was me).  Samantha had me in dozens of foils in under an hour and I walked out of that salon a blonde.  I haven’t looked back since.

My haircut, also 2-thumbs up-was quick and efficient.

Please note-Fiorio has colorists and stylists….so if you do go there, you will always be seeing at least 2 people.  Also, one thing I loved is the attentiveness of ALL staff.  You won’t be sitting under the dryer forgotten at Fiorio and your beverage glass will always be filled promptly.

THE FACIAL OF THE MOMENT-Oh, I can not say enough about Sandra Thompson at Fiorio for facials.  Skill, experience, great bedside manner, and a fantastic product line (Phytomer).  My skin was assessed, thoroughly cleaned and nourished in 60 minutes. No blotches, no broken capillaries…..FANTASTIC.   I didn’t have to worry about a greasy scalp or oily looking face.  I enjoyed an amazing hand massage on top of that.  Super impressed by this aesthetician.  Can’t say enough good things about her……purchased the 12H Flash Gel at Sandra’s suggestion and haven’t looked back.

Fiorio has a beautiful retail section-I highly recommend it!

Prices at Fiorio are fair and comparable to the area.  Check out their website for services offered and prices!


Like I said, stay tuned for an in-depth look at my experiences at each of my work neighborhood spots!

*Logos for Me & T and Fiorio taken from and*

*I am not being paid to write this blog post-these were MY experiences!*


It’s finally, FINALLY here-we’ve waited so long for the warmer temps, the longer daylight hours, the cocktails on a patio or several.

But when summer does eventually roll up, it’s also important to be READY.  By ready, I mean, making sure your skin is glowing, and your locks are flowing.  Check out my summer must haves!

*Please note, some of these products have been received for review, but not all of them.  I also have backups of most of these, so if you see something in a box, it’s a backup.  Yes, it’s THAT good.*

Smooth skin


hemlines are movin’ on up as are the temperatures.  Don’t get caught with cactus legs or a non-milk mustache.  For you shavers out there, something I LOVE to use on my legs is this Venus snap razor.  It’s compact, gets the job done with 5 blades and can travel (not that I’m going to be shaving in a public bathroom, but hey, in a pinch…..okay, I’ll leave that there).  Pair the snap with this  Olay  Satin Care shaving gel, and you are good to go!

For the face, I use these skin envy strips.  No muss, no fuss and they REALLY work (I did a youtube demo on these, so I know). What’s great about these strips is that they are a natural product and since the strips are prepared already, no messy wax on your fingers!


Oh, and don’t forget to exfoliate PRIOR to shaving-so important to loosen up all the ingrown hairs and remove dead skin.  My current exfoliation product is this Kohna Coffee foaming sugar scrub from Sweet Pea Soap Company (a local company in Toronto).  I like it because it’s not a harsh exfoliator-AND it foams up like a soap after you rub it in.  Cool!  Bonus that it’s a natural product, made locally, and the business is owned by a woman.  All wins!

As the hemlines move up, don’t forget to keep your jiggles in check….cottage cheese is a great snack but not appetizing on the legs.  To reduce the appearance of celulite, use a caffeine containing cream like this Vichy Cellu Destock Serum Flash.  It’s also got hyaluronic acid and light reflecting pearls so your skin appears smoother and has a firmer texture.  Your other option? Liposuction… I’ll take the Vichy, thanks.


Soft, flowing locks


It’s no secret that I color my hair (well I have someone color it that is).  I keep it well protected.  My picks for products include the Vidal Sassoon Color Finity line.  This line was specifically designed to protect color treated hair.  In addition to shampoo and conditioner, there is a hairspray AND a cleansing conditioner (so all you Wen people listen up!).  I love this line and use it religiously to maintain FRESH color!  To finish off my look after shampoo, cleansing and styling, I use the Herbal Essences Shine mist, spritzing lightly around my entire head.  Voila!  Smooth, shiny hair.


For in-between shampoo days, dry shampoos are a GREAT idea.  Some of my current favorites include the Pantene line (I am so glad they finally came out with dry shampoo), the Herbal Essence sNaked line, and Finesse.  The herbal essences product is PERFECT to put in your purse-I keep mine in my desk drawer at work (and it’s still there, so I can’t show it to you). Great for touch ups during the day.

Treatment-wise, I like to use the liveclean Miracle Nutrition Oil on my ends.  This is a treatment you use BEFORE shampoo, and works wonderfully to keep your hair nourished.   Since I’m blonde and my hair is fine, my ends are prone to splitting.  I find that this keeps that in check.  My tip?  Shake it to activate….it says that on the directions but don’t forget!


My favorite summer cocktail includes these 2 products from Greg May (Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto).  The recipe goes a little something like this: 1 pump Be Strong Keratin-Infused transforming Serum + 1 pump Smooth Operator Leave-In Conditioner.  Mix well and emulsify in the palm of your hands and apply to hair.  Style as usual.  I find the combination of these 2 products really fights the flyaways and the frizzies. The best part of this cocktail? No calories AND fabulous hair!


Glowing skin! 


Anyone else here a  tanning bed convert?  Unfortunately, I will admit that in the early part of  2007, I was using tanning beds like crazy.  My skin has suffered from it-greatly.  While I am actively working on repairing my sun damage, I STILL crave my summer ‘glow.’  How do I achieve it?  Honestly, I love going to Me & T studio in Toronto to have a custom airbrush tan (that post is coming up).  If I can’t make it to the studio, I use Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Creme Self Tanner. This is a spray lotion that applies easily to skin with minimal streaking.  My tip about streaking? If you’re concerned or worried, mix the Tropic Island Glow into your lotion and apply. The only down side to self tanning at home is that there is some drying time involved.  I just use that time to walk around and do housework.  A clean house and faux glow? YES PLEASE! Ladies and gents if you are fair skinned like I am, please consider applying self tanner before wearing shorts/skirts.  It does wonders for the appearance of your legs, they look thinner and firmer and it won’t blind everyone else in close proximity. I have my University roommate to thank for pointing this out to me one summery day many years ago. 

glowing skin is one thing but what about protection from the sun? The sun’s rays ARE damaging, we know this, it’s been proven.  Applying sunscreen? Not my favorite thing but there are several products that I like and all sorts of new technology available to suit your every SPF related need.

For my face, I have been LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-ing this L’Oreal Paris BB sunscreen. It has a touch of tint, the right amount of glow and SPF 50.  Lately, I’ve been wearing it on its own.

For the rest of me, there are 3 products that really stand out to me and surprisingly, NONE are lotions!  The Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 is an Invisible, alcohol free mist that is dry upon application.  I love it because it is SO SO light and the scent is amazing.  It also has a cooling effect on the skin.  I just read that it’s formulated for people with active lifestyles, possibly indicating that it’s sweatproof.  I know Vichy products can be a bit pricey, but this is your skin we’re talking about here.  You know, the largest organ you have?  Make the investment.

L’Oreal Paris has a fantastic Sublime Sun sunscreen line of products that include lotions, sprays, a mousse and an alcohol free spray! The Silky Sheer SPF 30 Mousse is one of my *new* favorites.  Incredibly light, broad spectrum protection with Vitamin E.  And a light summer scent.  I’m also enjoying the Invisible protect Dry Oil Spray, also containing Vitamin E.  The oil is water resistant so if you are a swimmer, you may want to check it out.

Keep in mind, dear readers, you need a full shot glass of sunscreen to protect your body.  What you put in that shot glass afterwards is up to you of course ;)

And what about the face?


Well after sunscreen, good skin care is important….especially in the summer.  I’ve been loving the Olay FreshEffects Out of this Swirled deep pore clean & exfoliating scrub.  I use this 3 times a week to clear my pores of pollution, dirt and debris (one of the downers about working in the city-skin is exposed to so many ickies).   At night, I also use the tea tree toner from Sweet Pea Soap Company.  It makes sure my pores are spotless AND doesn’t leave my skin tight or itchy-again, a completely natural product!

the under-eye area is of concern to me now that I’ve moved into my 40th year on this planet (more than half way through it too-whoah).  2 products that I’m a big fan of (so much so that I have BACK-UPS) are from Olay total effects.  The eye brightening CC cream is a daily treatment that provides coverage and correction to the eye area.  I like it because it feels cool when it’s applied and has a slight tint.  I don’t have time to mess around with concealer in the summer and find that all of my concealers are way too light for me!  I pat this on, blend it in lightly and I’m set.  I also have a crush on the dark circle minimizing CC cream (in a brush applicator).  This is the product that comes in my purse with me and hides my lack of sleep days.  It’s portable and no fingers required for application!! What I truly love about these 2 products is how light they are and how much coverage they provide.

Since my skin is oily, touch ups aren’t an option for me, they are mandatory.  I enjoy having wet cloths around (in my desk and in my purse).  The Olay total effects 7 wet cloths remove makeup but don’t strip the skin dry. They are just handy to have around….especially after my lunch hour yoga class. I didn’t know it was possible to sweat that much in yoga…..phew!

Speaking of sweating…..we all do it AND it’s a good sign that you’re properly hydrated  (but don’t forget to drink LOTS of water especially if you’re in the sun frequently).  However, the odor…’s like the elephant in the room.  Instead of trying to act cool (with your arms glued to your side), how about you just BE cool and use this Secret Outlast antiperspirant.  This product goes the extra mile to keep you cool, calm and collected.

Finishing touches.


I tend to keep it light in the summer…..very rarely will I wear foundation unless I’m heading off to an event, wedding, party, date.  Right now, I’m using the Olay total effects CC tone correcting moisturizer with sunscreen. If I feel the need, I’ll layer it over the L’Oreal Silky Sheer BB cream.  This product evens out skin tone, provides light coverage and contains a broad spectrum sunscreen.

One more product that needs a HUGE mention.  Marcelle CC cream.  Yes.  I actually use this year round and adore it….I mean adore it.  It has 24k gold in it, and that’s a good reason to love it but I like it because it just blends SO well into my skin.  I have even cracked the lid.  I will buy this again and again….Marcelle was one of the first Canadian companies to make a BB, CC, AND DD cream by the way.  I like the BB and the DD but my heart is with the CC.

Makeup is kept quite light too.  This Covergirl Cheekers blush in  180 brick rose complements my summer face beautifully and doesn’t require a lot of product.   I like to make a statement so Covergirl lipstick in 325 Spellbound gives me that pop I need on my lips (a feature I tend to emphasize).  Finally, if you’re feeling frisky (or you’re me), take things up a notch with the Covergirl shadow pot in 305.  I pop this in the corner and blend slightly into the crease….it’s part business and part PARTY!!!

Fragrance you say? 


I have my favorites… of my recents is Yardley English Lavender.  I still can’t believe how great this smells and was ready to write up a scathing review of it but it’s just SO beautiful.  Another favorite of mine would be Theirry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic.  It’s his Alien fragrance but lighter….good for the office, especially mine-so many scent sensitive folks around these days.

And there you have it-my summer favorites. Does this all go on my face and body simultaneously? NO, of course not but this is my summer repetoire. I have been trying to use reasonably priced products as I’m finding that the technology and quality of drugstore brands has improved a LOT!

What are your summer favorites and would you try any of the products I’ve listed above?   Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading…..I truly appreciate all of you who take the time to read my posts and comment.


Having fun in the sun with Vichy!!!

*I received this product for review*

I have worn sunscreen faithfully since 2008. Pre 2008-I was slathering myself in overpriced accelator lotion and had 3 pairs of tanning bed goggles in my car.  I’ve smartened up since then and protected myself with a decent amount of SPF.

Canadians have wised up along with me-or so says Vichy:

“80% of Canadians use sun protection which is an increase of 10% from 2008 and the majority of Canadians use a minimum SPF of 30.  50% of Canadians are living with sensitive skin.”

I’m sure you already know this but just in case you didn’t….it is important to protect your skin ALL year long.  UVA rays are consistent throughout the year.  Sunrays can travel through clouds and are reflected in high amounts by snow and water, causing exposure to the same rays twice.

UVA Rays are Aging Rays that penetrate deeply into the skin and can travel through glass. Long UVAs are also responsible for greyish skin, irregular texture and unwanted wrinkles and spots.

UVB Rays are Burning Rays responsible for ‘tans’ and sunburns. They make up 5% of UV rays.

So remember when I said I wear my SPF daily?  Check THIS out:

Did you know that SPF only measures the UVB protection and not the UVA?

Vichy Capital Soleil contains the #1 filter recommended by dermatologists. It’s called Mexoryl XL-SX with Parsol 1789 and Octocrylene (a photostabilizer), ensuring broad spectrum protection from UVB rays AND UVA rays. 


Why use Vichy?

-Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

-Contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water: fortifies, soothes, and regenerates the skin

-Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free



-Quick drying and light textures

-Leaves no residue on skin

-Hydrates and protects against dehydration from sun exposure

Keep your skin safe, hydrated and beautiful!

Vichy Capital Soleil retails for $29.95 CAD and can be found in many mass market retail stores!

weekly recap!

This week contains old favorites AND new!




theBalm ‘nude tude eyeshadow palette

Can’t go wrong with this-it’s a great set of neutrals with both matte and shimmer shades.  All the colors complement each other, and blend easily.  It’s almost like you can’t make a mistake with this!


L’Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous mascara in purple-that’s right, I said purple

I wore colored mascara in the ’80′s and have worn navy recently but purple?  I love this formula.  I’m a fan of the voluminous line anyway but this took it to a new level with the brush.  It does create a ‘manga-ish’  look-so it has the ability to hmmm, let me say deposit on the lashes.  I usually apply 2 coats and I”m good to go. I’m hoping that they could change the formula (slightly) to include some ingredient for more curl.


CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss lip balm in Jam Twist

I am never ever ever taking this out of my rotation.  Color=perfect, texture=perfect, application=perfect, price point=perfect


Bessame Violet brightening powder

Hmm, I believe this says translucent somewhere on this package.  I got this in a Wantable box and I do enjoy it.  It’s a loose powder with a sifter that does a great job setting your makeup.  It has a pleasant scent as well.




weekly recap!

Here’s what’s been rocking my world this past week!



The Body Shop All in one BB cream: Wow, did they change the formula on this product. I had used it long ago, and it certainly wasn’t THIS good. This is a skin adapting formula, it dispenses white, and then changes color to suit skin tone.  It provides light-medium coverage, is SO light feeling and feels so wonderful on the skin.  It’s made with natural ingredients, and the first scent I get when applying is honey.

marcelletwistupMarcelle Twist Push-Up mascara: I’ve got major love for Marcelle mascaras but this this one holds a special place in my <3.  I selected this photo so you could see that the brush contracts.  The brush in extended position is for length and in the contracted position, provides volume. The formulas on Marcelle mascaras are AMAZING and I highly recommend you get your hands on some or make friends with someone in Canada (me) that can send you some.

diorespiegleDior addict lipstick in Espiegle: I sure can’t pronounce the name of this lipstick but I do love it.  It’s such a great shade of pink, sheer on the lips and hydrating.  The only ‘down’ side is that you WILL be reapplying and reapplying this lippie.

poppy citrine blossomCoach Poppy Citrine Blossom perfume is just about the perfect blend of florals for spring transitioning into summer.  I love that it’s a light fragrance but still lasts all day. It’s heavy on the floral upon application but has a crisp finish which I adore.


I am so thankful for people like @jillojello who gift me fabulous items like the Crimson Amulet collection palette by NYX.  The shadows worked extremely well (with primer) but I fell hard for the blush (2nd from top).  It was just amazing!  I’m happy to have this palette and I”ll be even happier to have it for travel.  I could take this on my next trip and only need to bring a foundation! YES!


So what was rocking YOUR world this past week? Tell me in the comments below!

Thierry Mugler, Les Exceptions….this is not your average Mugler

I received these products for review (they were sample sizes)

I own almost all Thierry Mugler fragrances (with the exception of these perfumes, which are new and Alien Extraordinaire, which is also fairly new).  I like and appreciate Angel, Alien, Womanity and all of their versions-Aqua Chic, perfume AND leather versions.

When I received these, they are samples, so I didn’t have any idea of what they actually looked like in the bottle until I opened the accompanying material.  I have to say I was quite surprised.  Upon first glance, these bottles do not remind me of what I know to be Thierry Mugler.  Not at all.


Here’s what Thierry Mugler says about the Les Exceptions fragrances:

 “Daring, breathtaking, addictive, noble…a new dimension in the fragrance universe, a set of Designer Perfumes. A collection of unique creations and original alchemies, crafted around the major themes of traditional perfumery.  Enveloping and sensual eaux de parfumes crated in a couture spirit to wear right against your skin, like scented fabrics.  An invitation to dress in a perfumed sheath.”

There are 5 fragrances in this collection:

1.  Chyprissime:  based on a traditional blend of bergamot orange, oak moss, cistus labdanum and patchouli accented by pear

2. Supra Floral: richly-faceted flower, velvety, green and crisp, fiery incense.

3. Fougere Furieuse: aromatic, woody notes with geranium, oak moss, bergamot and coumarin, neroli and amber

4. Over the Musk: musk, ambrette seeds (from the hibiscus)

5. Oriental Express: Balms, resins, vanilla, powdere effecs, carrot, seed and woods

Results and my thoughts:

I got about 4 uses out of each sample vial (there were 5 sample vials), which isn’t terrible.  I would’ve preferred to have received 1 or 2 deluxe samples or 1 full size sample, but I’m fairly certain of why I did not and that is because these fragrances are an experience. Buying them is part of the experience.  Mugler is customizing the experience by first allowing the scent to be harvested via paper cone. Apparently these fragrances are bottled on site at the ‘Source Bar.’  This isn’t something ordered online at the moment.  The bottle IS refillable, something I have always loved about Mugler.

Do I have a favorite?  Surprisingly, not really. There were some I liked better than others but I really enjoyed all 5 of the scents for different reasons.  I feel that they all are versatile and that you may not like just one of them.  They are modern twists on other favorites of mine, and I’m sure others would say the same. Some of my more ‘classic’ fragrances are reminiscent in the Les Exceptions.

Les Exceptions is available exclusively at the Bay and retail for $185.00 CAD

Weekly Recap-look, no template!

yeaaaaaaahhhhh so having a bit of an issue with my template program I use for this so I thought hey, it’s a nice day, lots of light outside AND inside, especially since we redid the skylight (would you believe the person that lived here painted the inside and perimeter of the skylight DARK brown?WHY?), so here is my very own photo of my favorite products this week!

My favorite products this past week!

My favorite products this past week!

And away we go:

Wet and Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette: If you do not have this in your stash, stop what you’re doing and go get it. I consider this a STAPLE.  The colors are amazing, blend extremely well, and have great payoff. Don’t want to spend the big $$$ on NAKED palettes? Right here, my friend-wet and wild.

Jane Iredale eyeshadow trio in pecan, chocolate and argh I can’t remember: This was a gift from realgoodbadexample (youtube channel).  I have seen JI before but never purchased as they are quite pricey.  These shadows are worth it and whomever decided to put these 3 colors together is a genius.  It’s the right amount of pigment with 2 matte shades and 1 shimmer.  Soft shadows too.  This is on my ‘Check out’ list.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Disc:  I have a lot of IT Cosmetics and definitely have my favorites. This product hasn’t earned my ‘holy grail’ stamp like the Celebration Foundation has, but it’s handy, that’s for sure.  I like that everything is combined and really enjoy the blush and highlighter-color and amount of shimmer are on point! The bronzer? Not so much but I’m only attributing that to me still having my winter color (which is pure white by the way).  I will give it a whirl when I am back on my faux bronzing schedule!

Dior Ultra Addict Lipstick in 487:  You won’t see me raving about Dior products much or hardly ever anymore but I do enjoy this lipstick. Color is great for my skin tone in any season-it’s peachy-pink! Please note, Dior addict lipsticks are quite sheer-they are hydrating but not much color.  Also, they are expensive so choose wisely.  There are many many dupes at drugstore price points so do a quick Google search before you make your way to Dior.

Yardley English Lavender Moisturizing Body Lotion and Eau De Toilette: I have to say this was the shocker for me this week. I thought for SURE I was going to be giving this product or these products a negative review.  But I honestly can NOT do that.  The lotion was a HUGE surprise. It is SO moisturizing and has the right amount of fragrance. It absorbs quickly and the scent does linger but has a great finish-as does the toilette.  My only hang up is that the lotion bottle is too small. I’ve used this for just over a week and I’m already a quarter of the way through it.  I think Yardley should make a BIGGER size bottle. Honestly, with the texture, it could almost be called a cream and if they whipped it, a body butter!

So that was my week in products for you-thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.  Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in any of these products, if you have recommendations, and heck say anything you want!





I take the Stayfree Ultra Thin challenge…..and live to tell about it!

*I was sent these products for review*

So I’m one of those girls that can NOT STAND those ‘period’ commercials.  You know the ones, girls dressed in tennis skirts, all white clothing, riding horses and doing backflips into a pool?  Yeah, I don’t do that during my ‘lady time.’  I’m usually curled up into a ball wearing a burlap sack and crying into a tub of ice cream while a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial plays on the TV.

I was approached by an organization who represents Stayfree with a challenge….or rather for me to take the Stayfree Ultra thin challenge.  This challenge does not include me playing sports, riding horses, wearing white (which I”ll NEVER do-I’m a huge slob and accident prone) but it did include a 15lb kit.  Here’s what they say:

“We can tell you that Stayfree Ultra Thin pads are the best, but why take our word for it? We invite you to take the quick and easy Stayfree Challenge and see for yourself how Stayfree stacks up.  Just give us a minute and we’ll change your month.” 

And P.S., oh how convenient that my Aunt Flow was visiting at this very same time!

Basically, the Stayfree challenge is an at home version of TV commercials for maxi pads.


From L-R: Stayfree pad, Competitor 1, Competitor 2

My Stayfree Challenge Kit

From L-R: Stayfree, Competitor 1, Competitor 2

From L-R: Stayfree Ultra Thin, Competitor 1, Competitor 2

Mystery Blue Liquid to be dumped into the center of each product

Mystery Blue Liquid to be dumped into the center of each product

This doesn't really need a caption does it?

This doesn’t really need a caption does it?

So after blue liquid was dumped, I was to wait 30 seconds, place a blotting pad over the center of the product, then place a 5lb weight on each product, wait 5 seconds, then look at the results on the blotting pad.  I had to read the directions 3 or 4 times to make sure I did that correctly and to be honest, I thought for sure I was going to mess it up.


blotting paper and 5lb weights (although they felt heavier than the 5lb dumbbells I use)

blotting paper and 5lb weights (although they felt heavier than the 5lb dumbbells I use)

and now, I wait....but only 5 seconds.

and now, I wait….but only 5 seconds.

Ready for some results?  First, the pictures, then my thoughts:

womp womp Competitor 2

womp womp Competitor 1

Competitor 2, not too shabby

Competitor 2, not too shabby



Stayfree pad blotting paper-hmmm don't see anything there.

Stayfree Ultra Thin pad blotting paper-hmmm don’t see anything there.

Results & MY thoughts:

FYI: here’s what the package says about Stayfree Ultra Thin pads:

“Stayfree Ultra Thin pads, with Thermocontrol technology and a Flexible-Fit design, offer a unique combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body throughout the day.  Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics, Stayfree Ultra Thin pads help keep you dry with exceptional protection and comfort.” 

Okay, so obv-y Stayfree wasn’t going to send me a product that they weren’t absolutely POSITIVE was going to work.  Am I happy about these results? Why yes, of course.

I don’t know what the 2 competitor brands were (they were unlabeled) however if I had to guess:

Competitor 1: Kotex

Competitor 2: Always

Now, prior to this challenge I was an Always girl.  And I’ll be honest, I use the Always infinity pads which were NOT what was used here.  I’m fairly confident (as an Always brand user) that had the Always infinity pads been used, the results would’ve been similar to the results of the Stayfree Ultra Thin pads.  I did compare the Stayfree Ultra Thin and Always Infinity pads and the material is VERY similar.

I can’t comment too much on Competitor 1 which I believe is Kotex but I will say (again) that I believe Kotex like Always has a better, newer version of pad then what was presented here for comparison.

All of the above aside, I would use Stayfree Ultra Thin pads  as an option especially if the price point was lower than Always Infinity (but I don’t believe it is…..I”ll check on that).  I’ll definitely be using them right now!  I’m impressed and grateful that the technology for these products is really evolving….now if only these pads could make the bloating and cramps disappear.

How about you-team pad or team tampon?  Would you use the Stayfree Ultra Thin? Do you already use them?


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