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microGREENS -you should try them!

I received this product for review.


So it looks like Spring is finally arriving in my area….almost mid-April.  Time to shed my hibernation suit a.k.a. that extra 10+ lbs I put on during the winter.  Easy to hide under my favorite sweater, not so easy to hide under my capris and fitted tees.  It’s time to kick things up into high gear and shed those toxins ( and cafeteria lady arms) with some exercise and clean eating.

That’s where microGREENS comes in.

From the product label:

microGREENS, BioCore Food Science’s flagship product has been scientifically formulated to be the most balanced, all inclusive and powerful whole food nutritional supplement on the market today. microGREENS is a highly specific composition of the finest ingredients that nature has to offer: over super greens, brightly coloured fruits & vegetables, phytonutrients, and a potent blend of digestive plant based enzymes. “

Ongoing whole food science based research has effectively demonstrated that optimizing your phytonutrient intake by eating 7 to 13 servings of fruits & vegetables a day may:

  • Increase Energy Production
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Maintain Strong Bones
  • Assist in Healthy Digestion
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Support Immune Function
  • Protect Vision
  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes & Stroke
  • Improve Mental Acuity
  • Reduce Allergy Symptoms
  • Core Promises

MicroGreens Contains

  1. NO GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  2. NO MSG (Monosodium glutamate)
  3. NO Yeast, Diary or Egg
  4. NO Irradiated Ingredient
  5. NO Added Sugar
  6. NO Animal By-Products
  7. NO Corn, Rye or Wheat
  8. NO Artificial Preservatives
  9. NO Artificial Ingredients
  10. NO Artificial Sweeteners

This product has so many good-for-you ingredients I can’t list them all! I’ll refer you here for a full explanation!

I use this product in my post workout smoothies and when I have a smoothie for breakfast.  I enjoy the fact that this is a whole food supplement and that I can ‘sneak’ it into my daily routine.

Now if only microGREENS could make a product that would motivate me to exercise!!

Find and order microGREENS on the web!


Weekly recap!

it went on my face! The ‘Bird poop’ facial at Trinity Medispa & Wellness-skip this place entirely!

Unfortunately, this experience was clouded by EXTREMELY horrible atmosphere.  The treatment should’ve gone like this:


Instead….I’m going to have to give you MANY MANY reasons NOT to go to Trinity Med Spa located at 1375 Yonge Street near St. Clair & Yonge.

1.  I walked into this spa, which is very pretty.  There were 3 people standing at the counter, a girl at the computer, a male slumped over on the right side of the counter (who gave me side eye when I walked in), and another girl standing to the side of the counter.

2. I was offered tea/water (I declined), my jacket was taken. I immediately went over to retail because I love to try new things and there were a lot of ayurvedic soaps and skin care items. No  one followed, asked me if I needed any help.

3. I was given a form by one of the girls, told to sit down. She went and leaned against a counter with her arms crossed.

4. The male decided that he would argue with the other female about playing ‘his’ music in the spa….he mentioned Robin Thicke at one point and someone else.  The female at the computer (who gave me my facial) told him ‘no.’  Then he decided to ask the other female (arms crossed), “What are your other deep dark secrets?”  Did I mention they were discussing their tattoos and where they were on their bodies when I walked in? Arms crossed replied “I have lots of secrets and wouldn’t you love to know what they are.”

5. I was taken into the facial ‘room’ and changed out of my clothes and got under the blanket.  The washroom was directly in front of me.  Then I heard voices in the next room over (it was the male and another client).  I heard a door open and close.  I realized the washroom was shared.  Guess what? I got to hear someone relieve themselves for the first 3 minutes….oh HOW RELAXING. NOT.  Could they not have used another room?

6.  This spa is conveniently located…..UNDER A DAYCARE.  So in addition to jazz, I had running and stomping the entire time.  How relaxing

7. The facial I had discussed was going to be a dermalogica facial.  I am VERY familiar with these and know how they should be given.  I had NO STEAM on my face.  NO STEAM. How do you think the extractions felt? NO STEAM.

8.  I wasn’t asked about music-the person just put on jazz. When I go to the spa, I like nature sounds or some kind of zen type music.  Not people singing jazz.

9.  As the facial was wrapping up, the music stopped. R&B music started playing and I remembered the conversation that I had overheard when I walked in (see #4).  I told the person giving me the facial to turn off that music. She replied, “I’m done now, so it’s okay.” I said “No its  NOT OKAY.”  She said “I can turn it off” and she did.  10 seconds later, someone turned it back on.  Imagine my shock when she told me that 1.  She has had this exact same discussion with him before and 2.  He is their ‘professional’ RMT.  What kind of professional is that?

10. I went home with parts of the mask still on my hairline, my nose, and under my left eye. It wasn’t removed properly.

That sealed it for me.  I told her “Go out there and turn that off NOW.”  She did.

Unfortunately this spa is NICE LOOKING, but that’s about it.  The staff are nothing to write home about and they certainly don’t care how they are perceived (as evidenced by Mr. Professional RMT slumped over the counter upon my arrival).  The only person I felt ‘bad’ for was the nail technician, who was actually working the entire time.  I was scheduled for a pedicure but I was through after the music.  Like LAST straw through.

This spa suffers from “The mice will play” syndrome-hopefully management will step in and tidy up. It’s time for some new faces and a responsible (and older) person to manage it.   It’s too bad, I was hoping for a spa in my “work neighborhood”  but this is NOT it and I won’t recommend it to ANYONE.  NO.

Vi from SITAMAA and Naomi from In the Buff Spa-I’ve learned my lesson. Stay close to the phone…..I’m going to need a professional to fix this mess.

Spring cleaning-skin edition! #beautyunited

Weekly recap!

Forever young-hair edition! Live Clean Age Resist haircare!

*I received this product for review*

I won’t deny that I am ALL about anti-aging products, especially after the recent passing of my 40th year on this wonderful planet of ours.  I’ve tried one other anti-aging haircare system (from Pantene, called Age Defy) and was impressed by everything except the price.


Live Clean Age Resist consists of 4 products that address the issues of aging hair.

The Claims:

§  Age Resist Shampoo is gentle – it won’t strip colour treated hair

§  Age Resist Conditioner contains a new natural silicone alternative

§  Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment – it’s magic! One pump is all you need and apply it on towel-dried, still damp hair. Can be used daily!

§  Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil – this is the big gun – it’s the perfect once a week treatment and very beneficial right now when cold temperatures, dry air and hair tools have taken all the moisture from your hair

My Thoughts:

I’ve been using this consistently for about 3 weeks now. I like to use shampoo, conditioners and styling products/treatments for that long BECAUSE I feel like it takes that long to see any type of result.  I like this shampoo & conditioner. It’s got a pleasant, light fragrance (smells like plants/forest to me).  It lathers nicely, rinses out clean, and doesn’t leave my scalp itchy.

My stand out product is the 10 in 1,which I use every time I wash my hair (4 times a week for me).  It reminds me VERY much of Pantene’s BB cream for hair, which I also like very much!

The Miracle Oil is good-I use that once a week, usually on Friday night. I don’t tend to wash my hair at all on the weekends unless I am going out.  The ‘down time’ for my hair gives this product time to penetrate and nourish the root of my hair.

Did this product stop my hair from aging?  That is yet to be seen but I did like the way my hair felt after using the system.  It’s friendly to the environment AND the wallet with products ranging from $8.99-$11.99.

weekly recap!

Some familiar faces, some new items!


Obsessing over…..OILS!

weekly recap! Drugstore domination!

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