Monday-Friday makeup

One of the main things on my ‘to-do’ list today was to get a new eyeshadow primer. My current fave, Naked Beauty by Smashbox was sold out at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart. I had every intention of trekking to Sephora to get a new one.  That is, until I decided to organize my makeup bags, and YES I said BAGS (plural).

Well of course, I have figured out that I have a lot of makeup-and it’s great stuff!  I have selected the everyday products that I use for work.  It was a lot more than I thought!  Take a peek-I have numbered it all and will talk about it that way!

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer-so glad when a makeup artist sang the praises of primer!  It makes such a difference-makeup goes on sooooo much smoother!

2. Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer in Light-I only use this on blemishes. I find it a bit thick for the undereye area, but if I didn’t get enough sleep or stayed out late, I will dab it on.  Great coverage, nice finish!

3. Smashbox High Definition Foundation-I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but I am almost out of this!   It’s great-lots of light reflecting particles make my face look flawless.  I tend to use a foundation brush with this but I need a new one so for now its being applied with my fingertips.

4.  Clinique true bronze pressed powder bronzer-I love bronzer but most bronzers don’t love my EXTREMELY fair skin!  This one is different…nice and light especially when applied with a good brush. I use it on my cheeks and nose.

5. One of my absolute favorites!  The elf (eyes lip face) beauty encyclopedia…it has EVERYTHING IN IT!  I use this most days.  I was super lucky to be featured in a ChickAdvisor Beauty tutorial

and received this gem from their resident makeup guru, Mandy F.  Since we can’t have Mandy ALL the time (and believe me I would love to-she’s a genius), the encyclopedia is the next best thing!  Highly recommended!  Wonderfully priced!

6.  Mac Hello Kitty Collection in Lucky Tom (for eyes). I use this when I want to look ‘cute’ or feel flirty. It’s got a cute pink in it and a beautiful violet.

7.  My ‘strong eye’ quad with only 3 colors in it!  I use this when I need a stronger eye….mostly in the summer when my hair is lighter than usual.  Again, I must stress the importance of having a professional apply your makeup-do it at least once! And put your listening ears on while you are in the chair!

8.  Cargo travel brush set-I bought this to travel with but now use it everyday! I love that you can fold it up and that there are 4 brushes.  This set is what I use to apply my eye makeup!

9.  Girls, please invest in GREAT brushes-I understand if you can’t spend $200-$300 dollars but a good set of brushes will save you so much heartache….the brush on top I use for blush/bronzer, the bigger brush is for my ‘setting powder’

10. Yves Rocher colour mascara (blue).  I love my mascara-and I love Yves Rocher for emailing me coupons every week!  I bought this and while I do like it for everyday, I am on the prowl for a new ‘look-at-my-lashes’ mascara.  Taking suggestions now!

11. Smashbox O-gloss-love this stuff….goes on clear, then turns a custom shade of pink!  It’s different on everyone!

12. Yves Rocher lipstick- 3 cheers to Yves Rocher for this lipstick!  I got this free and I love it….it goes on smoothly and isn’t waxy.

13. MAC tricolor lipglass in Consume Me!  One of my favorites…this is how it looks after you have used it for a while.  Just out of the package, it is 3 different colors (in one tube).  It is beautiful alone or on top of my Yves Rocher lipstick! Love it!

14. Jemma Kidd on matte ‘mattifying’ powder-Another case of  Meredith-is-out-of -her-powder-so-try-to-find-something-else-that-will-work.  In this case, the powder is FABULOUS! I picked this up at Target in the US and I love it!  The next time I go, I will be buying more-I think it may have cost me $20.00 and it is completely worth it.  If you haven’t heard about Jemma Kidd, read this:

So let’s just say that I did NOT make it to Sephora tonight….and that the eyeshadow primer I picked up at Shopper’s to tide me over in the meantime is *ahem* less than stellar

Ladies….what does your makeup bag (or bags) look like these days?  I am in the mood for overhaul…..planning on cruising the counters this week!  Loving the new YSL, Chanel, and MAC colors for fall!

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  • Mama Dukes

    Egad, that’s a lot of makeup! Some of the companies are new to me so I’ll have to check them out. Do you moisturizers or have a clean skin routine? I’d be interested in hearing what you do for that, too. Loved your ChickAdvisor piece, too. When did you do that? Good tips in there also.

  • meredith

    I actually do have a great skincare routine….I will be posting about it in the future. Have to make sure the spa is okay with me taking some photos in there first!

    Chickadvisor piece was done several months ago….I loved every minute of that!