Denim Debacle!!

I have been eye-ing the new fall fashion already-especially the denim.  Who doesn’t want a new pair of jeans?  I went into my closest looking for my latest favorite pair (Banana Republic bootcut that are just perfect-or so I think!), and came out with….. a LOT of denim!!!  Take a look:

I thought I only had 4 pairs of jeans......

So, much to my suprise I have ELEVEN pairs of jeans!  How many of these have I worn this year?  I am sad to admit, just 4 pairs!  Where did these mystery jeans come from? How did this denim find its way into my closet?  It must be some kind of disorder on a warped shopping spectrum!

Imagine this on wikipedia:

Selective denim memory:  characterized by large amounts of denim in extreme styles.

Symptoms: Crowded closets, lost denim, many many hangers

Diagnosis: After thorough closet cleaning, finding large amounts of denim and having no clue where it all came from.

Treatment:  Purging closet, donating to charity, buying NEW JEANS !

Wondering if I can find a doc to write me a script for this?

Anyone else suffering through this? I can’t possibly be alone out there!

p.s. Banana Republics are in the photo-3rd from the right!

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  • Donna

    Oh I hear you about the denim debaucle so you’re not alone! I too have a few pair that are at the bottom of my denim drawer…I think I may even hear them singing the blues because they haven’t been touched in so long…HA!

    • meredith

      *cracking up* at singing the blues…..