Late night Snickerdoodle madness!

Picture this….

I am sitting on the couch with my other half watching my daily installation of Golden Girls (love that show and have requested the Box Set for the past 2 Christmases), and Dorothy brought up Snickerdoodles.  It was some kind of snarky response to Rose.  So other half remarks, “What are Snickerdoodles?”

Of course at this point, I exclaim “WHAAAAAAT?” If you could only know the multiple times I have made these delightful cookies.  Looking back, I think it was some kind of master plan to get me to bake them (spoiler alert).

So I made them, and here they are:


Lovely, fluffy and delightful-just like I remember…..and just in case my personal trainer is reading, I had 2…..look at how many MORE are left on the plate.

Lastly, the reason I went through all this on a STIFLING hot day!

gobble gobble

I so deserve the box set!

Recipe for Snickerdoodles

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  • Donna

    I love this story, and I love the word Snickerdoodle! Cute…and I do believe you deserve the box set and should not have to ask a 3rd time!

    • meredith

      Thank you I agree!!!
      I made him take all those cookies to work so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them!