morning glory anyone?

Ahhhhh Monday you always come too soon, too soon! Morning routines….got one? Here’s mine!

My Blackberry Zen chimes every weekday morning at 5:30.  After a couple of (well-deserved) snoozes, I arise….

First things first-WATER and a big glass of it (usually with lemon).  One of the best tips ever from Joyous Health. Great way to get the digestive system moving after a long night of laying around!

Then of course comes the caffeine.  Another GREAT tip from Greg Carver (of strengthbox fame)…if you MUST add cream, try coconut milk. It’s a better choice than “dairy cream” and very tasty.  Why yes sir, I will!

After settling in with my coffee, I snuggle up with my netbook for some spiritual goodness.  I have a 30 minute program I tune into every morning.  Most of the time I take notes-I function a lot better when I hear about how great life is and how my life has a purpose!

Next is stretching and core exercises from Dr. Jane Weber! If you don’t know how to abdominal brace, go and see her! I am in my ‘final stages’ of recovery after a nasty lower back injury. I work on these twice a day in addition to some core/balancing exercises (notice the ball in the picture).

This is my dog, Lola on her couch (yes she has her own couch and it’s a long story) while I am doing all of this:

Phew, feeling refreshed….now onto breakfast (usually a smoothie with power greens-recipe to follow) and then a quick shower, packing of the ‘lunch’ and I hit the ground running!

What a way to start the day!

How do you start your day?

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  • Lauren

    Coconut milk in coffee sounds really yummy!!

    • meredith

      It really is….so creamy!

  • Mama Dukes

    How do I start my day? M-F, sometimes Sat., hubby and I head to the gym. On the way we read our devotionals. After an hour or so workout, we head home, where coffee and paper are in order. Then anything is up for grabs; whatever needs to be done in the house or whatever errands need to be done. Retirement is great!

    Interesting you are still drinking lemon water as that is something I served all my children when they were growing up as an alternative to soda!

    A big pat on the head for Lola!!

    • meredith

      Nice…sounds similar to my day!