School Daze!

Well…..that’s it.  There’s no turning back now

Why go back now, you ask?  Honestly, this isn’t a ‘new’ situation for me!

Don’t think I’m bragging, but school has never been a problem for me.  I’ve always had above average marks, but for some reason after high school I lost my way.  I tried community college and hated it, so I worked full time.  By age 28, I had enough of that.

I took a huge step out of my ‘box’ and joined the military.  I won’t get into the stories now but I made it through four years (think Private Benjamin).  I emerged a stronger, more focused ADULT.  My parting gift from the military was a four year education, for which I am forever grateful!  Graduation was a defining moment for me!

So why am I taking you back to my glory days?  Well, going back to school at 31 years old was NOT easy-especially when you are living on campus!  There are more stories, laughter, tears, and memories than I can count.

My point is….I pressed on then, and I’ll press on NOW-and most likely enjoy every minute of it!

As I look at my receipt from Ryerson, I am reminded of this same moment several years back….when I was looking at my invoice from the University at Buffalo.

It’s a new page, and a new chapter for me-and I can’t wait!  Project Management, here I come!

Still smiling.

p.s. Do I use too many …..?

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