Take me out to the ball game…but not when the Yankees are in Toronto!

foam finger to the head....one of many blows I received that night

So I have to tell you….I am a minority.  Not a visible one….but as you will discover, quite a minority in the city of Toronto anyhow.

My cubicle mate, Yianni is a sports FAN-atic.  While I am not lover of all sports, I have my favorites-baseball being one.  Being from New York, it is only natural that I am a New York Yankees fan-a fact that Yianni can not stand.  He arranged for tickets at the recent NYY vs. Blue Jays game on Wednesday, August 25th (notice I always put New York first-even if the game is in Toronto).  The following is what ensued:

I always get nervous when the Yankees come to Toronto…this year, they just haven’t done that well. They usually end up winning one game but can’t seem to get the series.  That Wednesday night was no different….but the teasing and torturing will remain in my mind forever.

Yianni wearing one too many hats.....


Peter adding injury to insult!

My one defining moment…when it looked like the Yankees would turn it around…bases loaded, 2 outs…..

Just when I thought the NYY had a chance.....

And lastly…..the “I’m going to be a good loser” face:

Was I upset? Of course….the night before, the NYY had really cleaned up.  What can I say, my team choked!

The next day for me at work was no better….I received a wrapped up Blue Jays towel, to ‘cry my tears’ away.  Hilarious. NOT!

So the Blue Jays will be in New York at the end of this month-I am calling in all my favors to try to get tickets! 

New York will rise again!

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  • Arianne

    BOOO! Go home Yankees! 😛

    • meredith

      Ummmmm how many world series have the Yankees won? Too many to count!
      And the Jays? I thought I saw 2 banners…. 😛