Pre-detox jitters

this is it!!! last junk food day!

It’s detox time for me. Again.  I’ve got the ‘pre-detox’ blues.  Why?  I don’t know-this isn’t my first time!  I endure this process twice a year, with excellent results!

For some reason, this time is different and I can’t quite put my finger on it! For now, I am going to lump it under “I’m not in the right frame of mind”.  But what IS the right frame of mind?  Is it the preparation?  Is it the spiritual connection between mind and body?  Do I need to “set my intentions” as anjali_handa so eloquently wrote?

And is there ever an “ideal” time for detox?  I know that I have always missed “Canadian Thanksgiving” because of some kind of wellness/cleansing/detox situation. Is this going to be my new tradition?

Well I certainly better figure it out soon-as my anticipated start date is tomorrow.  I’ll be shopping for my “detox-friendly” foods, and thinking about all the reasons that I am really going through with this (did I mention it’s six weeks long?).  My yoga schedule is in hand, I have secured sauna/steam room time and put out the S.O.S. to joyoushealth and drjohndempster!  Hmmmm maybe I am ready!

I sense a breakthrough!

*random note* HUGE shout-outs to my mexi-CAN Paola for passing her Canadian citizenship test with flying colors!  That girl is going places!!!

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  • Anjali

    6-week detox??? Wow that’s the longest I’ve heard! Good for you. I totally understand the “not being in the right frame of mind”, but maybe once you start it will feel better. That’s usually what happens to me 🙂
    Keep your head up and stay focused – good luck!!!

    Oh and thanks so much for the shout-out 🙂

    – Anjali

    • meredith

      No problem, I bookmarked one of your posts so I could go back and refer to it!

      6 weeks is a long time! I will miss thanksgiving. again. My mom made sure to tell me that when I get through with this, I am all ready for the height of “eating season”. Thanks (not). Oh well!

  • Annette

    Ahhh…. Fast Food Nation… amazing book that will make you think twice about a quick run to McD’s…. ugh… Love the idea of detox……..huggs

    • meredith

      This is long overdue for me….and I will succeed!

  • Mama Dukes

    Glad you had a good ‘first’ day on your detox. Have to admit, the asparagus looked yummy! Hey, I actually got a mention! Woo hoo (even though there was a ‘down’ side to it!) But it’s the truth, eh? Wouldn’t you rather be doing this now than around the holidays? On the serious side, though, I am very proud of you having the willpower to do this. You are my hero! 🙂

    • meredith

      It’s tough to find things to do that aren’t related to eating or have a food component to them. That will most likely be my next post.

      What CAN you do in the city that does NOT involve eating and/or spending a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$?