detox du jour!

Detox friendly asparagus!!

Starting my detox on a day off from work could’ve been a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, I wouldn’t have to flex a sugar-deprived brain.  However, not having enough to do could push me over the edge.  Anticipating the ‘not-having-enough-to-do’, I decided to schedule some (much needed) appointments.

Good move on my part (pat on back).

Lowlights were the the name of my game at the salon today.  I took a chance on a new stylist and have to say, I am really enjoying both him and his space.  There are so many salons to choose from in this metropolis-in my neighborhood, there are at least 7!  For me, it’s the service that gives a salon its “edge”.  I love the complimentary blowouts and straightening as well! Starting my day off FIERCE!!

Snuck into Pure & Simple for some new foundation-did you know that all the mineral P&S makeup is on sale this month? Good Stuff!! If you don’t get their emails, get over there and sign up!! You won’t regret it!

Got caught in the rain on the way home-but took a moment to notice how nice it felt-Humidity be gone!  Shoes were soaked but so glad I  didn’t rush!

After a detox friendly lunch, it was off for an afternoon at Nails by Natalie! Gorgeous job on my fingertips (as usual).

Shellac-ing it @ Nails by Natalie!!

So overall, I feel like I am in a fairly good place right now.  Not happy, not sad-more melancholy-really staying focused on why I am going through this process.  I also realized that I missed my ‘spiritual’ time this morning!

my tea mug-love the shape!

For tonight, some reading on the balcony with some tea, evening yoga, and a ton of contemplation.  Setting my intentions for an awesome day two!

How was your ‘Friday-before-long-weekend’?  Any big plans?

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