calorie free conundrum….

Being in the thick of this detox, I have recently become aware of how so much of my daily routine revolved around eating.  That being said, I have a lot more time on my hands.

tons of time, people....

You’re digging my old school clock, aren’t you?

Soooo that brings me to my current “conundrum”….what to do with the extra time that does NOT involve calorie consuming?  I have thought about this before, but now more than ever it’s been on my mind.

Here’s what I have been up to:

Cruising the bookstore

Chapters Indigo is great for browsing and spending hours.  The location I frequent doesn’t have a ton of seating, so I’ll get lost in a book on the floor.  Luckily, all of my interests are far away from the Starbucks inside the store!  When I get home, anything that held my interest in store gets downloaded here:

ACK! Dead battery?

Window shopping

Who DOESN’T? I am currently loving this activity because of new Fall 2010 collections! (Remember my William Ashley Windows post?)

*As an aside, the other half refers to that post as the ‘Ashley Madison’ post.  Be advised, Ashley Madison is a website that encourages cheating among people in relationships.  William Ashley NOT Ashley Madison! Yikes!  He stands corrected*


I heart my Wii!  I try to use it everyday-it’s more interactive than most other systems and not so complex.  I love challenging people to bowl with me and Super Mario takes me back to my Nintendo days!

Wii Love!

Working out

Lucky me, I have a wonderful personal trainer.  I see him twice a week.  Right now I am working out in the pool and it is NOT easy (you try lap swimming for 4 minutes straight in between strength training).  The detox fatigues me a little faster, but it’s an hour of something else good for the body!

Gettin’ pretty

Now….sometimes this can get rather pricey but there are great things that can be achieved at home-pedicure, a good skin brush, leave in conditioning treatment, tooth whitening session.  However, things that I will NOT skip and consider maintenance are:

Haircut-every 6-8 weeks

Haircolour (look at me-putting the Canadian spelling in there)-every 8-10 weeks

Nails-every 2 weeks at Nails by Natalie

Facial-every 4 weeks at Pure and Simple


There is always something that could be ‘tidied up.’  When I get into the “zone” , watch out!  My belief is that a good closet purge is healthy-I clean mine out twice a year and donate to charity.

Learning, Studying

There’s traditional classroom learning, but what about the ‘life lessons.’  I check in on my mind/body/spirit connection everyday.  The morning is best for me-I like the fact that the first thing my brain focuses on to be that I am grateful (and grounded).

Remember what I said at the beginning about being aware?

If I sit and think-

There are a lot of things that I want for my life right now, but you can bet that I am going to enjoy the journey along the way (to getting those things).  I’m not where I want to be right now, but I’m sure as hell not where I used to be!!

I’ve come a long way, baby! lol!

How about you? Do you enjoy your journey?  What non-eating activities do you participate in?

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