why I am not destined to be at the ‘ex’

the book....with the map

I thought maybe if I skipped a year that things would be better. Oh so wrong.

Why in the world did I wait until the LAST day to go to the Canadian National Exhibition?  It’s been open since August 20th!

Firstly, I should have known things weren’t going to work out when we went outside…on my way to the subway, it started to rain!  That’s never a good thing-but I figured there would be plenty of exhibits and buildings to duck into. We skipped the long lines (we had won passes-that included rides and a plate of ribs.  Just in case you are wondering, none of the pictures you will see in this post are of me eating.  I ate nothing!)

Things were okay-still a light drizzle, a ton of people around.  I thought it would be a good idea to hit a building first and give the weather some time to clear…then maybe a ferris wheel, carousel, and a midway game!  We entered the arts& crafts building.  I saw a bunch of stuff I liked-especially jewelry, but I just wasn’t in the mood to spend any money!  The other half dove into the ‘free samples’ to include this delightful shortbread (jealous-cue stomach rumble):


Well after giving a&c a thorough once over, we headed towards the exit…I was looking forward to getting outside! That wasn’t going to happen-it was POURING.  We consulted our guide and decided to walk (umbrellas) to another building.  We ended up at “The Farm” and I don’t think I need to explain any more.  Finally we made it to the Shoppers Bazaar (it’s still raining) and I didn’t buy anything there either but did manage to get some nail art:

konrad stamp nail art!

I have been contemplating buying one of these kits-but she told me just the starter kit was $30.00. It’s not high on the priority list, so I took a pass on it.

Finally as we headed to the exit, the rain had stopped (but it was still wet so no rides).  It was then that the other half decided he needed to have some ‘Tiny Tom’s’.  Oh of course, why not-I am only on a detox! So then came the fried butter….the stuff that everyone is talking about!  He downed that too.

fried butter with different toppings

I wasn’t really about that…but I was starting to gravitate towards the ribbon cut fries and the cotton candy.  I stayed strong, and 2 midway games later, we were out of there as the rain started to fall. Again.

my winnings! webkinz on left!

The Ex. Not the best place to be on a rainy day….or while you are going through a self-imposed detox.  Bummer.

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