Fall Foundation-I need an intervention!

*Firstly, I will state, I am in no way any kind of beauty expert!  This post is a cry for help!*

Fall is upon us whether we like it or not (and I like it just fine).  However, I feel like I just got the hang of my ‘summer’ makeup routine.  When I went to purchase some new foundation, I was asked, “Do you want the foundation to match your face or your neck?” *GASP*-did I not blend? How long have I been walking around like this?

Ack!  That’s like one of the worst beauty crimes ever, is it not?

This is why I am examining what I have and wondering….Do I need to change foundation for Fall 2010? Here is my current collection-peep this:

quite a variety, yes?

So…I have a nice assortment and for summer I would use a primer, liquid, bronzer, setting powder…but I started noticing that my makeup seemed to be sliding all over my face!  An hour after getting into work I am reapplying!   The breakouts were frequent as well! YIkes!

I figured that maybe I would just try loose minerals/pressed mineral powder.  Ugh…now I see flaky skin everywhere and breakouts galore?  Is that even supposed to happen over the age of 30? Icky!

So now I am wondering….did I have it all wrong from the very start? What’s the best way to handle this?  Should I hit the cosmetic counters?  Go for a makeup lesson? Google?

I know there has to be a tutorial out there or something-Beauty Bloggers, if you are out there, I am sending out an s.o.s.! I need the basics!!! I have sensitive, dehydrated skin (like everyone else in the city according to my aesthetician-gee thanks btw).

Do I need to switch foundations when the seasons change? What’s the best way to ‘look natural’?

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