late night gym madness!

I think the detox has finally fried my brain.

I just came back from the G-Y-M!!

It’s a first for me to go do any sort of fitness in the evening. Mostly because my job completely drains me.  Add the detox protocol to the 30+walk home I force myself to do everyday. It’s a lot.

I had a lunch date today.  With a good friend-this date was made way before I knew I was going to be detoxing.  She picked the place. And what a place it was…..

oh Zoe's-how I adore thee!

I bet you want to know if I cheated…..NOPE!  whitefish/shrimp on a bed of greens (1/2 of which I took home).  Perrier to drink!  Of course it was delicious…company was great!  Wish I could’ve taken a longer lunch!

So while I was power walking home (My trainer loves it when I talk like that-ha.), I thought…sure I will have plenty of time to change and then head out for a yoga class at 6:15. Um, wrong.  I got home by 5:45pm, and by the time I  changed out of my clothes, and gathered my yoga apparel, it was after 6!  ARGH!

Plan B-the gym.  The gym that I pay every month, yet haven’t been in 2 weeks! It wasn’t easy getting motivated to go but I remember a conversation that I had earlier in the day with another great person-about motivation and progress. I thought what the hell-at least I won’t be focused on eating.  Well…it wasn’t easy. 30 minutes of cardio gave me a rude awakening-I need to visit that facility, and a lot more often.  Thank goodness the girl next to me was going super slow-I kept thinking to myself, “as long as I go faster than her”

I’m glad I went….it made me appreciate the water I am now guzzling and the apple slices.  I’m not where I want to be yet-but I’m sure not where I used to be!

Enjoy the journey!

gulp gulp-hydration queen!

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