What a life I lead…..

Well, if I hadn’t gotten into the swing of things at the time of my last post, I sure have now!

Let’s see….where do I begin?

Friday, I got invited out with a friend/former co-worker to go see a Flamenco dance show.  Since I am new to Flamenco dance myself, I thought it would be fun!  And what fun it was-check it out:

The 2 lovely ladies that entertained us....sorry for the fuzz-I was really getting into the show!

solo #1

solo #2

At the end of the performance, the dancers come out into the audience and pick people to come up on stage with them and dance! Of course, they picked my pal Nor.  Here he is, kicking up his heels:

Nor (in jeans) getting a flamenco lesson

One thing I noticed….Nor’s pretty good (perhaps it’s because he is Peruvian?)

Gettin' fancy....

Phew!  Hot steppin’!

After all that fun and excitement, it was time to face the reality that was CKPM 202 a.k.a. Fundamentals of Project Management.  I won’t go into too much detail but I will say this class is going to be a capital ‘C’ Challenge for moi.  The class project is heavily weighted, which will also be tough for me (as I am used to operating alone).  I also noticed right away that I am in the minority in that class as far as ‘work background’.  Almost all of the class is in the financial industry and/or Software IT industry.  Interestingly enough, I understood almost everything that the professor said while some of my classmates were stumbling and getting hung up on details.  Weird.  I am going to give it some time but please expect posts on my dissatisfaction with the group work!

Today, I made my way back to St. Andrews and I am glad that I did!  I had to duck out early-but I loved what I heard so far.  Really set a nice tone to my day!  I ran off to training after a quick detox-friendly lunch.  George really kicked my butt today. I think the detox had something to do with me being fatigued so quickly, but it felt pretty good afterwards.  George complimented me on recent changes to my figure and that made me smile!

This afternoon found me studying with Lola by my side.  2 chapters down this weekend and I feel pretty good about it so far (it’s only the first week though).  What’s on tap for the evening you ask?  Baking, and baking.  I have an apple crisp in the oven at the moment and it smells heavenly! Afterwards, I will use the rest of my pumpkin and make another batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

my house smells so good right now!

So as I head into week 3 of my detox, I feel pretty good.  Still going through some cravings (and I suppose baking doesn’t help) but determined to finish strong!  Looking forward to Flamenco tomorrow night!

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  • Mama Dukes

    I just wonder how you will take pictures of you doing the flamenco! Haha! Ahh, I think I can smell that apple crisp all the way to the U.S.A.! Pure torture.

    • meredith

      Ha. someone else will have to take the photos!

      Brandon is already diving into the apple crisp. It’s that time of year. The house smells so good!

  • Lauren

    Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins? Recipe please! Or, I’ll trade you challah (eventually) for those 😛