My hiatus…

So I am sure that you have all noticed that I have not been around recently (sarcasm).  For that, I must apologize.  I could give a myriad of reasons, but there is one underlying theme:

I’m busy

How horribly cliche-yes?  It’s the truth though….so I thought I would give you a look at my week.


-work 8:30-5pm

Work, generally speaking has been great.  In case you don’t know, I work here.  My official title is “Operations Coordinator.”  Another interesting point about my role is that originally it was titled “Operations Assistant.”  A clever Human Resources manager saw my potential and re-named the role, for which I am grateful.

I may love my job, but things are about to hit warp speed!  We are losing one of our managers for a year (she is having a baby).  Instead of hiring a replacement, her job duties will be assumed by 5 people, myself being one of the five.  Normally, one might assume this may add up to an extra hour or two at work per week.  However, since I am not an engineer, these duties will present additional ‘challenges’.  However, I have already decided that this time and these duties are an opportunity for me to step up and take ownership!

-Flamenco dance class 6-7pm

Flamenco dancer

Flamenco is something that I have been wanting to explore for about a year now.  This fall, I decided to guapo (stomp) my way right into a class here in the GTA.  This class is titled “Crash Course in Flamenco.”  It is for  people who have zero flamenco experience (me).

I realized how intense flamenco was in my second class, or rather on the day after when I could barely move my legs.  Despite that, it is a beautiful, passionate style of dance and I am grateful to have a great foundation.  I am already gearing up for the next session!


-work 8:30-5pm

-American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance 6:30-7:30pm

ATS dancers

ATS-I won’t fault you if you don’t know this style.  It’s fairly modern, and founded by Carloena Nericcio of Fat Chance Bellydance fame.  I have danced this style for about 2 years.  After moving to the GTA I thought for sure I wouldn’t be dancing this anytime soon.   However a quick Google search led me to Valizan and away I went!

I love this style-the costumes are beautiful and the movements have roots in Flamenco!  The other unique thing about ATS is that there is not choreography!  Dances are all based on a series of cues.  The leader of the dance assumes a certain position within the group and based on cues, the rest of the group will know what to do.  Improvisation-how novel!

I plan on moving forward (with Valizan’s approval of course) in this style as well!


-work 8:30-5pm

My ‘busy day’ at work-our weekly operations meeting.  It’s not usually too crazy-I prepare the agenda ahead of time and take notes throughout.  Usually after this meeting there is a training or presentation (for which I almost always order lunch. Normally that is fun but detox makes it not so fun at the moment).


Wednesday is usually an ‘Ahhhh’ day for me-it’s the first day of the week that I get to go home after work!


-work 8:30-5pm

-Project Management class group meeting

Usually after work, I go to see Trainer George, but that will change starting this (upcoming) week.  Now I will be meeting my group  at the Toronto Reference Library for 2 hours or so.


-work 8:30-5pm

Friday usually signals the end of the week-well the work week.   Definitely not the end of the week for me!

However, I still get to go home after work. Yay! Small victory!


-CKPM 202 class at Ryerson 9am-12pm

The class that is now consuming the majority of my life-Fundamentals of Project Management.  Granted, I did take this class on my own free will but it is certainly way more involved than I originally anticipated.  I am taking this class in an effort to (potentially) move laterally or upwards within my company.  I am attempting to put my best face forward-the majority of the work in this class is ‘group’ work.  Guess who was elected project manager-yup, me.


Did I mention that I am also the class representative for CESAR?  They meet once a month-on Wednesdays.  Thank goodness they offer dinner at their meetings.  I am excited for next month, since I will be off detox and actually able to eat the food.  Our past meeting was East Indian food-and it was healthy!


Day of the rest? Nope!

Regardless of the fact that this is not a ‘rest’ day for me-I do appreciate being able to sleep in!  St. Andrews at 11:00am, sneaking out a bit early to inhale lunch.  THEN I see Trainer George for an hour and then it’s off to the library to meet my project group (again).  I trudge home (exhausted) around 5pm, try to enjoy dinner, and spend the rest of the night studying.

What’s the point of this? Well at the very least, it’s a giant excuse….maybe a cry for help, or possibly a way for me to see that I have over-extended myself!  I really don’t plan on posting every 2 weeks but if you really miss me that much, you can just read this post and know what I am doing on whatever day you choose!

Will I do this next semester? Not likely….

I am not one to run away from a challenge-I want to make sure that I finish what I start.  Either way, my plate is pretty full!

How’s your schedule lately? Have you been able to strike a balance-or are you teetering and tottering like me?

p.s. other ‘randoms’ I have dyed my hair darker for the winter so it can ‘recover’ from all the bleach I put on it this summer.

detox weight loss total 22lbs.  my body is slowing down now in terms of losing so I am giving myself this week to see if I am able to drop any more or if I am officially stopping.  I feel pretty good-my outlook has definitely changed and I have a plan in place for after I officially finish!

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  • Lauren

    I don’t know how you do all that without being totally exhausted and unable to do anything by Sunday. Seriously!

    And congrats on your detox results, you look great! And I love the darker hair, definitely suits you.

  • meredith

    I am exhausted by Sunday!

    thanks for the compliment about my hair….

    I think I need to join you at bootcamp!