weight loss w-o-w!!!

Today I took a different approach to my normally-chaotic-Sunday.

I cancelled everything.  I made some ‘executive’ decisions today and some were major.  I had picked up a pamphlet for a weight loss expo show going on downtown so I thought why not attend? It was Saturday and Sunday…I knew Saturday was out because of class and our group meeting so Sunday it was.  Originally I thought I would just meet the other half downtown after my session with Trainer George-but that would mean only an hour and a half at the expo.  I mean what if it was really great?

So I emailed my pastor to tell him that I had committed to this and that I wouldn’t be in church today, and prepared to sit down and write George an email.  I explained that until I am officially ‘done’ with my detox that I didn’t think it was beneficial to train if I wasn’t getting anything out of it.  So I am now on ‘hiatus’ from training until at least the end of October.  It is what it is.

After an extremely stressful Saturday (the group meeting was not as productive as I would’ve liked), I decided that at least the first part of Sunday would be mine!!  I got up early for no reason, did a load of laundry and got some fruit for the next couple of days.  Then I got ready to go to the expo.

When I first walked in, I was disappointed….this ‘expo’ was only one-half of an exhibition hall.  With the million dollar weight loss industry I thought it would at least have it’s own space.  I walked into the typical stuff-chiropractors, protein shakes, and weight loss clinic booths.  I was about to tell the other to just pack in and started complaining about my waste of time when I saw Antoine and Alexandra from ‘The Biggest Loser’.   This is one of the few pictures in which I will show my face so take a good look people:

Biggest Loser Antoine and Alexandra-don't they look great?

It only gets better from here….then I walked around the corner and spotted this man:

Paul Plakas of X-weighted fame-he's weighing me! One of the few men I will allow to see my weight!

So after a bit of hemming and hawing (and worrying about whether I would pass out or not), I decided to take his infamous ‘fit-test’ that he puts all X-weighted contestants through.  Boy was it tough-I thought I was going to puke, check it out:

bench hops-holy difficult!

Tires with 10lb weighted medicine ball-harder than it seems!

Carrying sandbags and going around cones....ack!

Throwing sandbags over the bar-last part of the fit-test, thank goodness!

Best part of fit test-the high five at the end!

Then I got to speak to the man…..I even told him I was on a detox despite how much I know he hates them!

Meeting the man behind X-weighted....

What a great Sunday (so far)….he even autographed my stuff:

My autographed stuff and my fit test time from Paul!

I only hope the rest of today will be as  great…..

Contemplating baking for the other half since he knew enough to bring me to the expo…and then study, study, study!

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  • Lauren

    Great pictures…and he’s hot! 🙂

  • meredith

    I had such a good Sunday….I want to go back and have that Sunday over and over again!