Daybreak-after Thanksgiving (of the Canadian type)

Phew-this is the first year I have experienced food coma and then food hangover.

I never want to feel like this again….

When I finally had the energy to get off the couch-after spending most of the early morning in the bathroom (ugh-too much everything in my stomach), I thought ‘let’s go out’.  This was after the other half was about to dive into the pumpkin cupcakes (yikes, it wasn’t even 10am).

I have been to Daybreak restaurant (or is it cafe) before for breakfast.  Aesthetically, it’s nothing impressive-but I was thankful that there was no line out the door.  That’s usually what I observe on Saturday while walking back from class.  We went in and got a table right away.  Now, for a photo of le menu.

Daybreak menu cock-a-doodle doo!

The menu has actually expanded-and I was interested (and hungry) to try a mexican inspired egg dish complete with sausage and bacon as well as refried beans.  I didn’t eat many of the beans just in case you were wondering.  Our waitress was no nonsense and on top of things-coffee was topped up in a timely manner and she brought water to the table without us having to ask (ding! good tip for her).   The other half ordered his standard-when we go out to breakfast he always orders Eggs Benedict.  Here’s his food, which as a bonus came with pancakes:

Eggs Benedict-yup there are 3, then hash browns, and also pancakes!

I told you there were pancakes-and real maple syrup to go with them.

Here’s mine-the piece de resistance ….did I say that right?

my delicious breakfast...eggs, bacon, sausage, salsa, and beans

The food was fantastic, service was great, and the place was filling up fast.  No wonder people line up!

Totally worth it!

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