and after 22 years…….

I finally got to see Dana. My best friend from Junior High school.  She was my first best friend and my only best friend.

And she moved away-in 7th grade.  To Louisiana.  Oh sure, there were letters…and there were visits.  Gradually the communication dwindled…until I found myself on facebook one day thinking, what if?  Typed her name into the search box and there she was!

And here she is after 22 years (this post will be better when I scan and post the photos from 1987, I swear).

Dana aka paparazzi! Check out the camera!

Dana decided to drive out a ‘few’ hours to meet me in Niagara Falls for some catch up and breakfast.  It was nice to see the Falls too-since I have never seen them.  Some photos:

me in front of the falls

Niagara Falls


what happens when you let japanese tourists take your photo-little dark there?

Bittersweet memories-it was so nice to have a best friend.  And so nice to see her again….

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