catching up…..

well it’s been awhile, hasn’t it.  Anyone who’s been in my (extremely small) loop in the last 2 weeks knows how much I was worrying/anticipating the end of my “Fundamentals of Project Management” a.k.a. CKPM 202 class.  Since it has ended (as of this past) Saturday,  I have honestly been sitting here worried that I have forgotten something or have an assignment due.   Dare I say I miss the class?  *gasp* The final was super difficult so I am not looking forward to receiving that grade via Canada Post. I will just have to rely on the power of positive thinking and being on good terms with the professor.  Here is a team photo (this was the day of our presentation)

our team photo....the final 4 (originally there were 7 of us)

Before the final, there were well-wishes and gift exchanges…it was a nice ending to a very stressful course.  Will I be taking a class next semester? No!  I have some other work-related challenges coming up-my boss said I was making a ‘very wise decision’ not to take a course.

In between the last time I wrote and now, I have done a TON of fun stuff.  The highlights in bullet form are below:

  • saw Burton Cummings (thanks Yianni)
  • went to the Opera to see Measha Brueggergosman (<3)
  • saw Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  • saw Wicked
  • saw the Bills play in Toronto (they were FREE tickets because everyone knows I am a Giants fan!)
  • attended the TBB holiday dinner and met some of the most awesome people ever
  • had a great time at the company holiday party even though I had to leave early (my final was the next morning)
  • hosted a suprise party for m-i-law turning 60 but not looking it!

So where does that leave me now? Curled up in the bed, sick…hopefully it’s ‘just’ a cold, but who knows. I am going to leave that in the hands of Dr. Dempster when I go to see him tomorrow.

I still feel pretty good about how my life has been-the holidays are coming, I am done with all the shopping I can do here!  I still have a lot of wants and my christmas wish list keeps growing (the list is growing mainly due to the TBB girls and their blogs-not a bad thing).

Thanks to everyone who has offered support and been great during my semester!  I really appreciate the kind words and am grateful for knowing each and every one of you!

Before I go, let me leave you with a shot of my mug-this is how great I looked after anjali_handa ( did my makeup for my holiday party:

after makeup but before party of outfit later!

What a great job! Got so many compliments!  If you are not following me on twitter yet, please do….then you can have access to all the great MUA in the GTA like me.  Toronto Beauty Bloggers <3

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