candy time!!!

The holiday trip to the states is always fun. Eventually. Preparing for it is not.

That being said, why would I be suprised that I have waited until the last minute (again) to get my car winterized and ready for the journey.  This involves planning and me being the busy body I was through Fall, left things until the last weekend as usual.  You see, my car resides in the U.S. and that is a very long story but if anyone would like to hear it, I am glad to tell.   That means that I have to go to the US (obv) to get the car tuned up.  Usually I plan a weekend for this but being as late as I was, I knew I would not have a chance of getting a hotel for the weekend before Christmas (nor would I want to, rates are  $$$$$).

My day started at 4:30 am.  At least I was wise enough to shower the night before, and pack up everything I needed (keys, passport,etc).  Made good time despite the lake effect snow, and arrived 10 minutes early to the mechanic.  After dropping the car off, where to go where to go. The mall does have holiday hours but it’s only 8am!

Just steps away, a brand new Walmart. Well, it’s something to do….started wandering around and stumbled upon this:

yay makeup

This Walmart is maybe 3 months old….

Hard Candy at 8:30am-why not?

I don’t think I got too much….and it was all $6.00 or less:

Takes up less space in one of the makeup bags!

and another one.....

and some smaller stuff:

good enough for travel-can't take all of my brushes!

last but not least......

and before I could hit the cash register, the car was all tuned up and ready to go and back across the border I went!

Not bad for a 4 hour trip!

Any holiday pretty purchases in your hands???

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  • Mama Dukes

    That’s my girl-complaining about all she has to do and yet finds the makeup section for herself! Ahh, it does ease the pain of all the shopping, though, doesn’t it? Five brushes aren’t enough?? Wow! How many do you usually use? So is Hard Candy a special brand? Sephora is now housed in JC Penney here at home. Wait! I think I hear them calling your name! Yes, yes, they are! They’ve got all kinds of ‘buys’ for you! Enjoy!!! See you soon!

  • meredith

    5 brushes are okay for the eyes. Hard Candy is a ‘higher end’ brand but they are now exclusive to Walmart. It’s pretty good-I like it and can handle the prices.

    Sephora was in JC Penney the last time I was there….Sephora is too expensive. I will go there for things I can NOT find anywhere else but I try to find what I am looking for first. It’s my last resort. I did get a gift card for there but it’s only going to cover 1 of the products I want.