What I’ve been doing with myself while home for the holidays…

…because I know you all are soooo anxiously awaiting this entry.  To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling a blog post.  This one is an overview of everything so far. I can’t believe I am more than halfway into my ‘vacation’.

1.  So of course there is Christmas…sadly I did not take many pics this day.  Too much going on-siblings, step-siblings, dogs….

some of the Christmas cookies

and of  course the Christmas tree…

yup it's sideways...and I don't feel like fixing it right now!

and then a pic of me and the other half….

the infamous "selves" shot.

Christmas was great. Of course.

2.  Now onto the day after Christmas.  Worst snow storm ever….but also the other’s birthday (and Arianne’s as well (check out TheGlitterGeek if you haven’t already).  So we all went out for lunch:

Hi huge portion of meat and sweet potato

and don’t forget dessert complete with sparkler….

Happy Birthday to you..........

3.  Shopping.  We all know about the deals after Christmas.  I won’t be posting about that just yet.  However, I did hit Macy’s for a little Chanel and Champale:


The one thing I am upset about?  I made the mistake of waiting on the Champale quad, went back to get it today and alas, sold out!  Ack.  Oh well I consoled myself with Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle.

4.  Beautifying….

I am a huge fan of Shellac and made a point to get it done before I left.  Unfortunately, the product cracked  and chipped!  So I stopped by a nail salon for a pedicure and spotted Gelish. I got an AWESOME pedicure (complete with Chinese herbs, mask, scrub, ointment, oil, massage) AND some equally awesome red nails-check it out:

gelish-red with sparkles! love it!

5. Family time

What kind of holiday is it without this?  From whipping (everyone’s) butt on Dance Central to going to watch Tron in 3D with my sister and her bf, we are actually able to get together and laugh.  I like those times.  No, I don’t give Tron 2 thumbs up.

I suppose I could post more and be more detailed….but I still have 4 more days and New Year’s.  Tomorrow I am getting some photos done. That should be interesting!

One more thing-I have to say that I have enjoyed the holiday so far but miss Toronto!  Sad to miss the TBB brunch and also to have missed drinks with anjali_handa.  But I’ll be back…sooner than I think

What are you all doing over the holidays?  Do you cherish the family time? Are you all about shopping?  Do you have any traditions? Did you score any awesome deals??

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  • Lauren

    You are more dedicated than me, blogging over the holidays. I am done til 2011 lol!

    So, nice beauty haul! I got some good deals on new clothes, but I think Dan did better than me!! Looking forward to lunch when you come home!