New foundation purchase-NOT from Sephora on Bloor Street and here’s why…

Why did you let me down today, Sephora?

Finding the proper and ‘right’ foundation has always been a huge hurdle for me.  One I have yet to conquer.  It is for this reason that I frequent stores such as Sephora to assist me in finding the right shade and formula of  foundation.  I have tried it all…HD, mineral, cream to powder, liquid, matte, sheer, tinted moisturizer.

Today was no different.  I went to Sephora in search of a matte foundation. I had purchased the MUFE HD foundation almost 2 weeks ago.  I am happy with it, but not in love with it.  I noticed that it just doesn’t ‘stay’ well…I am touching it up way too often.  I attribute some of this to having been home and my skin/body trying to adjust to different foods, the softer water, and a different schedule. Whatever it is, since I did receive a gift card for Sephora, I thought why not purchase some MUFE Mat Velvet + or a similiar matte finish foundation.

Sephora wasn’t overly busy when I walked in but it did take longer than usual to catch the eye of a consultant.  That probably should have tipped me off that things weren’t going to go my way. So when a consultant did ask me if I needed help, I asked her about the mat velvet and also some tinted moisturizers.  Yes, I know those are at completely opposite ends of the foundation ‘spectrum’ but I did make a decision (in about 2 minutes) to look at the MUFE Mat Velvet +.

Thankfully, she did patch test about 4 different shades on me, before settling in on 25 (which was the 2nd shade I had picked out on my own while waiting for her). What happened next?

All out of 25.  So she tells me she will ‘go in the back.’ I already knew they didn’t have it-probably should’ve left.  She comes back and tells me they are out and that she can call another store.  Since I didn’t feel like traipsing down to Eaton centre, she told me I could come back next week (thanks…not).  She gave me a sample.  I guess it should’ve ended there….but it didn’t.

Was I crazy to ask her if there were possibly any other foundations in the entire store with a matte finish? Or was she more crazy to tell me that there was nothing?  Was it more wack that I turned to the NARS display and pointed at the sheer matte glow foundation?

No, I think the WORST part was that I had to ask her to show me the NARS foundation.  When she did, she picked out a shade and put it in a sample container and SENT ME HOME. No testing, no suggestions, no nothing.

So I did the noble thing and left.  Best thing I ever did.

Proceeded directly to MAC store on Bloor-bought my caviar dreams e/s that was sold out in NY (also unbelievable).  Had Allie (greatest red hair ever) make over my entire face.  Bought foundation there and some Blot powder.


Why is Sephora so hot and cold? I had the best consultant ever when I bought my HD foundation.  Why did this chick SUCK?


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