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The first week of 2011 is over!  How’s it going for all of you so far? I have been blessed with an incredible week-had a great holiday with family and friends, have been healthy, job is getting busy but presenting all sorts of new challenges/opportunities…..

I have acquired some really great things recently and thought that I would share them with you! I will apologize in advance for poor picture quality-going to look at some new cameras this week!

I have talked about Pure and Simple before-heck, I even posted about one of the owners of the spa.  Most recently, I went and had a  Clear Complexion Facial (which is a January special btw).  I highly recommend this facial-especially if holiday eating has left your skin WAY out of balance! One of the products I picked up afterwards was the Pitta Body Oil.  Can we say TERRIFIC? This is wonderful-nice and light with a lemony scent.  I put it on after my shower and give it time to absorb, then put on my moisturizer.  Wonderful! I must also say that I have had 4 different people comment on how great my skin looks-I have to attribute that almost entirely to Pure and Simple!

Pitta Body Oil

I don’t know if I have ever sung the praises of Gelish here before but if I haven’t, I am now!  Gelish is a colored nail gel applied over a natural nail and cured with a UV light. It is supposed to last about 2 weeks with no chips and the best part of the process is that you leave the nail salon with your nails DRY!! I first stumbled upon this while I was home in NY and after some internet searching (thanks Google), found a place in Toronto to have this done.  Here is my color of choice this time:

sparkly pink Gelish

And the salon I got this wonderful Gelish from? Pretty in the City-and it is an awesome place! They are best known for their eyelash extensions-which I haven’t tried yet but will most definitely be trying before January is over.  The place was buzzing when I arrived-definitely a good sign!

Today was an especially great day as I was in Chinatown for some lunch with the in-laws.  They brought my b-day presents, which were:

MaxMara perfume

I have been wanting this perfume forever!  While I am still in ‘drooling only’ stage with MaxMara clothes (they are beautifully $$$$$), the perfume is an awesome gift!  It comes with it’s own stand *squeal*

Also, something super super great:

Pandora bracelet!

I have been wanting one of these f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  So pretty-I have the booklet too and I have already marked off additional charms.  *sigh* I don’t know if I will ever take this off!

And something else beautiful and sparkly:

over 7 carats of awesome!

This was a gift from the other half-I just love it.  It’s big and beautiful and full of sparkle!  Again, will be hard to take this off at night.

Finally…one of the perks of being in Chinatown? The shopping….I spotted one of my favorite Korean skincare brands at a shop and also stumbled upon one of my favorite Korean makeup brands as well. I only picked up one lip gloss and got a couple of samples of new skincare products.

Clio Art lipgloss

Clio lipgloss

Ladies if you have NOT tried Clio makeup, try to FIND it.  It’s pretty darn awesome!  They have everything-foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner…and they are all so beautifully packaged! The one thing I didn’t know? Clio is a Korean brand but all of their products are made in Italy! Strange….but I still love them.

So I am looking forward to next weekend….my birthday weekend.  Hoping to do a little organizing (of makeup and beauty products) and get my living space in order.

It’s been a good week for me-what about you?

How do you organize your beauty products?

How do you keep yourself organized?

Do you feel ‘ready’ for 2011?

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  • MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    Hi Meredith,
    I’m glad you left me your blog information so I can follow you now too. Great post and great items in it!
    Marcia from Beauty Info Zone

    • meredith

      Thanks Marcia….appreciated!!