Meredith does WW….

Well I did it.

Stopped hemming and hawing, stopped making excuses. 

I joined Weight Watchers….like Jennifer Hudson belts out, “It’s a new day!”

I attended my first meeting today during my lunch break at work.  I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. It was slightly chaotic.  Getting in the door was the hardest part though.

Someone greeted me right away and got me started on the paperwork.  I was ushered over to a long table with scales and had my ‘home file’ made up.  There was a meeting about to end so I sat and listened to it.  The meeting leader had a great story-lost 100lbs, kept it off for 2 years.

I think it’s just because I am new….it was awkward.  I actually didn’t feel like speaking during the meeting (which, if you know me is NOT typical).  Instead, I sat and listened to the other ‘regulars’ talk about their successes and cravings…while the meeting leader added some helpful tips.  There was even a ‘quiz’ where we had to guess the ‘satisfaction level’ of certain foods. I got most of them WRONG. That really suprised me.  I had to leave early since I was already late to work…the leader had expressed that she wanted all of the ‘new people’ to stay after the meeting.  So, next week I will be staying after the meeting to speak with her and get to know the group a little bit.

I was pleased to see all walks of life there and all sizes.  There were young and old, slim and heavy, male and female.  It also didn’t feel negative-definitely seemed like a judgment free zone.

I think I can do this….for once, I will be balanced.  I have seen many extremes in regards to my weight.  In 2005 I weighed 200lbs….in 2007, I weighed 114lbs,  last year I weighed 128lbs.  I would really like to learn to be in the middle….

Seems like how I operate in life too….never content, always pushing….to one side or another.  Maybe that should be one of my goals, resolutions, visions for 2011…to just be pleased with being in the middle and really appreciate myself (for once).  I bet that’s going to be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do in my life.

Weight Watchers Points Plus, here I come!

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  • Mariana

    way to go girl!! the best of luck for you 🙂

    • meredith

      Thanks Mariana!
      How’s life these days for you?

  • missmarisol

    How are you doing on WW? I don’t attend the meetings. I just go weigh in and then I leave. It could be the day/meeting that I go to but the one time I did stay (when they rolled out the new plan) I was ready to b*tch slap someone. I do rely on the WW iphone app for my points and so far it’s working for me.

    • meredith

      I am doing okay-only one weigh-in so far.

      I stay for the meetings. I know what you mean about the slapping-I take my time very seriously and I don’t like to have it wasted by a bunch of blah blah blah. I am fortunate that my ‘leader’ will entertain comments from our peanut gallery but keep the meeting moving along at a good pace. I work in the financial district so most of the people at these meetings don’t have a lot of time. The leader recognizes that and keeps the meetings to 20 minutes and has time for questions later.

      I am thinking WW is going to be a good move for me. I am the type of girl that needs to be held accountable and have some support along the way!

      How are you doing on it so far? I think it’s strange that most veggies and fruit are 0 points!!

      • missmarisol

        Making those food items 0 points really helps especially when I have a craving. I can eat something sweet and not feel bad about it. I think I’ve had more fruit and veggies in the past 18 weeks than I did in all of 2010. So far I’ve lost 37 pounds. Like everyone, I was hesitant to change plans since the previous one was working for me but I’ve lost weight every week with the new plan so I am a happy camper.

        I need to be held accountable that’s why I decided to blog/tweet about my experience. It’s amazing the support you get. Good luck!

        • meredith

          Hey girl you ain’t kidding! That soup really hits the spot!
          I am also <3'ing the pretzel bars that are conveniently within my grasp while waiting in line to weigh in 🙂