Birthday Awesome!

It’s my birthday today!!!

Hmm-how many weight watchers points is this cupcake?

I actually was not too excited about my birthday because I had already celebrated it with my family when we were visiting at Christmas and celebrated it again last weekend with my in-laws (see ‘Recent Stuff I Love’).  However, on Friday, I was oh-so-pleasantly suprised by several of my co-workers.

Friday at work was interesting.  I was all about getting my ‘free’ glasses from clearly contacts at noon (and I did score a pair hooray!).  Little did I know my co-workers were scheming….in my favor.  Paola gave me some beautiful flowers:

Pretty flowers from Paola-on my *new* workstation

Beautiful-and of course my favorite color!

Then, I was VERY suprised by 3 of my coworkers….who obviously know me very well:

Sephora gift card-Thanks Danny, Cherry, Veronica!

That gift card turned into this today:

anti-shine primer!

And a new pretty for my Pandora bracelet:

Pandora bauble-hard to see here but it's got purple hearts on it!

And the fun didn’t end at 5pm on Friday either!  My co-worker Janine took me out to a FABULOUS dinner at Pickle Barrel, and then we went to see Black Swan (that movie was disturbing & interesting, has anybody reading seen it?).  What a night!

This morning, I awoke to a Facebook wall FULL of birthday wishes.  I was taken out for a sushi lunch, did a tiny bit of shopping (bought a Playstation3) and came home to my entertainment center-completely set up! Can I get a Hallelujah here?

This is the before and yes those are handmade bookcases:

The before....ick.

and now the after…..+ a Playstation3:

ahhh-much better. Note PS3 installation on TV.

So this evening brought me to my favorite Korean restaurant for some bibimbab and a diet coke.

As my birthday celebration winds down, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who wished me well.  I truly appreciate it, and it means so much!  37 is looking great so far!

*I would also like to mention that I did NOT exceed my WW points, or cheat!*

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  • Michelle(LipstickRules)

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Mine is this week and I am ‘slightly’ older than you 😉 LOL.

    • meredith

      shhhhh! you don’t look it 🙂

      Happy Early Birthday to you!

  • Mama Dukes

    As usual, you scored big! Be grateful and return the favors; you will always be blessed that way! Happy Birthday, again, we love you!

    • meredith

      It was a really great Birthday…which I wasn’t expecting!

      Thank you cards went out today!