Do you smell what the Rock is cooking……..??

Ah those were the days Dwayne Johnson, weren’t they?  For all of you who DON’T know (especially the young people), the title was a line made famous by former WWF wrestler, “The Rock” aka Dwayne Johnson.  Don’t worry though, this is NOT a post about wrestling!

It IS a post about a very exciting Toronto ROCK Lacrosse game, and some awesome (belated) birthday gifts from my pal Jessica.  I haven’t been to a lacrosse game since 2008 (it was a Buffalo Bandits game) and Groupon came along at the right time, with a great price for tickets.  Since we couldn’t go on my actual birthday, we go the tickets for the 29th against the Buffalo Bandits (coincidence?) and Jessica drove down from Waterloo to come along.

What a game it was!  Unfortunately (or should I say ‘typical’), I did NOT have my camera with me.  So the pics you will see are from a phone.

We had great seats-thank you Groupon!

tons of fighting...apparently there is bad blood?

The game eventually got played-after a good 8 minutes of fighting

Jessica and I at the ROCK game....

link to one of the fights (this is a video):

People really need to take another look at lacrosse…it is an exciting game and full of action!  Ticket prices are more than decent-our seats were $30.00!  The players aren’t necessarily full time either-most of them have full time jobs in addition to playing.  They must really love the sport (and have good medical insurance) because there were some full on beat downs going on last night!

When the Toronto ROCK wants to win, they win!  I will definitely be back for another game-it was totally worth it!

I don’t know why but Jessica came bearing gifts…however, I am grateful!

Saskatchewan stuff! Saskatoon flag-and some WILD WILD rice...

The flag is going on my desk at work.  I am going to make a point of buying all the province/territory flags so when I do take my citizenship exam I will have been staring at them all for at least a year!  Yes, Jessica I still have your province/territory map-that has come in handy when Yianni goes into ‘Canadian Geography Trivia’ mode.  I also like how the rice is called WILD WILD:

WILD WILD- but just how WILD is it? When I find out, I will let you know!

and of course, the piece de resistance (say that with an accent if you are reading aloud please)-this had to be opened last night at 10:30pm:

Still don't exactly know what a Saskatoon berry is, but the jam is yummy!

This was spread on my homemade bread that I have been making in the bread maker I received from Cherry!  I still don’t understand why she couldn’t get it to work…I have been turning out great loaves every week!

So Saturday was great for me!  What about you?  Any big plans for Sunday?

p.s. other minor updates:

-down 2 more pounds on weight watchers!

-made it through 2 Strengthbox workouts this week; my plan is to make 2x a week there a habit!

-going camera shopping in the upcoming week so if you HAVEN’T put in your 2 cents about what camera I should purchse, do it NOW (please)

-contemplating hair extensions-would like opinions and thoughts!

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  • Jessica

    When WWE was still WWF, I used to watch it every week!!! The Rock is awesome…….although his “dump it out, fill it up with monkey piss and shove it up your candy ass” thing was a little strange (referring to the D-generation X energy drinks). Suck it!!! HAHAHA!! I miss those days…

    Anyway, that game was AWESOME!! I agree, definitely going to see another lacrosse game sometime. Canada needs to be more enthusiastic about its national summer sport!

    P.S. It’s a Saskatchewan flag 🙂 Saskatoon is a city, hehe.

    • meredith

      d’oh! I have to edit that.

      No, I will leave it…I need to learn to never make that mistake again! Would it help if I said Brandon didn’t know either? ha!

      Yes it was SO fun! Let’s go again-promise I will get the tickets in advance!

  • missmarisol

    Congrats on the loss.

    My high school had a lacrosse team and to be honest, all I remember is that the players were so hot. Swoon! hee hee

    And I think Dwayne’s all kids of hot. There’s something about him that is very charismatic.

    • meredith

      oh yes he most certainly is….

      I will be back for another game-I had a good time and still had money in my wallet afterwards!

  • Lauren

    I’m so glad you had fun! You know me, I am a huge Rock fan! We should totally go together !