recent gots & wants

Nothing fancy here-just got some stuff that I want to show you:

Coach coupon-I originally went in thinking I would go with the dreamer C hippie bag but found out that it’s only offered online at the moment (is this a Canadian thing?)  Having always regretted not picking up my Hampton Scribble bag when they came out, I promised myself a piece from the dreamer collection.  However, since I didn’t want to order online, I decided to go with this lovely gem which I love even more now:

a crossbody with options-me like!

Kinect Your Shape:

Since I don’t plan on heading out to East York more than once a week….

I have been wanting this for awhile.  I have turned it on and set up my profile-I will be working on this starting tomorrow!

Re-visiting at home workouts

Extra support:

Picked up one of these in Miami and had to go back for more:

Incredible indeed! No adjusting necessary!

Suprise, suprise!

How happy was I to receive a special delivery in the mail from my talented schwester.  I had been bugging her for months to send me a piece of her art and she finally did:

Reduction block print....

Coco Chanel Rouge Shine in ‘Boy’:

I have been wanting this-and the Chanel counter finally got the best of me today.  Isn’t she lovely?

even the packaging is lovely!

This is such a beautiful color-It’s going in my bag as my new ‘go-to’-light and sheer with 8 hours of moisturization.  Yes please!

gorgeous....and it's mine!

Pretty good week for me!

Of course, now the ‘wants’

First up:

just divine!

Coco mademoiselle has been on my list for awhile but after smelling it today I have decided that it will be purchased after my next pay period.  It’s just perfect-the right mix of sweet/sexy/classic.  I am most likely going to splurge on the perfume.


Again, something that has been on my ‘want’ list-not sure when this will become a reality, but just love the simplicity.  I am a HUGE fan of Tiffany’s.

And that’s it….what about you? Any special purchases, triumphs or victories that you care to share?

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  • brandon

    Awesome stuff! How’s the Kinect fitness game??

  • Mama Dukes

    Is your lipstick Chanel, too? Love the color! You sure know how to spend $!! Enjoy!

    • meredith

      The lipstick is Chanel too-I think I posted about it several months ago.
      Chanel cosmetics ARE a luxury. I don’t have too many-but I do like them!

      I had a coupon for the bag and bought everything else on sale!

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    March 13, 2011 - 3:48 pm