To tolerate or N-O-T to tolerate…

I agree with this 100%

People that know me (even a little) know that I have little to no patience and or understanding.  I try and can at times be sympathetic, but for the most part I have a ‘no-nonsense’ type of approach.

Recently, I was invited to dinner by a person that I was considering to let into my small circle of ‘friends.’  The timing seemed perfect-my calendar is rather open these days being that the other half is out of town.  Plus it was just some time outside the ‘daily grind.’   I was looking forward to this-even if it was only 2 hours.  I packed up some casual clothes in a separate bag and lugged them in with my usual work tote and lunch.

Work has been challenging lately-good challenging, but I come home at night pretty drained.  I am usually nose-to-the-grindstone from start to end and I often find myself shocked at the time when I look at the clock.  Things are moving fast, that’s for sure…and there is NO shortage of work.  Can’t complain and won’t. When the end of the day arrives, I am ready to head home.

This particular day was no different.  I worked through the day, did the best that I could.  At the end of the day, I tied up loose ends and got my clothes out to change into.  I came back to my desk and sent out a BB message letting the inviter know I was ready, sat and waited for a response.

“I went home.”

Wow. Really? No message during the day telling me this? No thought of picking up the phone and saying something?

As I trudged home with all of my clothing and work tote-balancing the umbrella (because yes it was raining that day),  I thought to myself….what’s going on when other human beings don’t think it’s necessary to communicate.  I thought….was this a cop out? Did this individual not want to be around me and if that was the case, why didn’t they just say something?

Then I got mad and thought….how disrespectful. This person thought nothing of my time and what I COULD’VE been doing with that time.   Never mind the fact that I (anticipating that dinner would’ve occurred) now had to go and get some dinner.  Not a huge deal, but still an inconvenience-and just rude.  Nevertheless, I picked up a veggie burger and shared it with a very-pleased-to-see-me-Lola.

This is part of the reason that I often turn down invitations-because if I even feel 10% not interested, I don’t want to waste another person’s time.  It doesn’t (necessarily)mean I don’t like the inviter, it just means that I respect that person enough to NOT waste their time.  I am old enough to know when I want to or don’t want to be around someone-and I come equipped with a mouth to tell them.

So now what….does this person get another chance? Or is this a first impression that I should take to heart? I’m not necessarily ‘bitter’ or ‘jaded’ about this but wary about accepting another invite.

What would you do?  Is this a common occurrence today? Am I missing something?

see? I'm not jaded.....yet. hee hee.

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  • Mariana

    no more chances!!! 😛

    • meredith

      HA! We are soul sisters!!

      Not sure how it’s going to go actually….I will be wary of accepting invites from this individual.