F-list event at Shopgirls Boutique!

Oh I am a lucky girl…I was one of 10 selected to attend the one, the only Leesa Butler’s F-list event at Shopgirls Boutique.

To say I enjoyed this event would be an understatement.  In fact, I still don’t think I can put words together to describe it.  This was my first time in Shopgirls so let me show you some pictures:

shopgirls and some yummy fruit for attendees!

adorable...."bean" shaped jewelry

lovely dresses!

drawer of leather bracelets.....nifty!

lots of good stuff to browse!

And let us not forget the entertainment…none other then Meredith Shaw.  Of course I adore her based entirely on her name, but she is so talented.  Please check her out-solid Canadian talent!

Meredith Shaw and her guitarist

So in addition to the lovely boutique and Meredith, there were also door prizes.  The gods were smiling on me, look what I won:

If you are ever stumped on what to buy me....perfume is the answer (followed by jewelry)

And now the most important part…..the haul:

coconut shell earrings-in sterling of course. These will make a great gift!

matt & nat of course I couldn't pass this up! I needed a new wallet-this one was on sale!

coasters-yes....another gift!

witty card....the inside says something like smother you with a pillow. Trust me, it's funny.

candy pants....super soft panties-why not?

And finally, the creme de la creme…..my yoga jeans. I was worried about these (think: pajama jeans. SCARY). Well these aren’t anything to worry about.  In fact, I recommend you run out and get these! They fit well, hold everything in, AND you will almost always be a smaller size in these jeans.  Is that the best selling point ever? You know it!

Yay! Yoga jeans!!!

FYI these jeans come in high rise (not that high-at belly button) and mid-rise…and have boot cut, straight leg, and skinny fits….totally worth it and highly recommended!

So I had a pleasant end to my Tuesday, granted I am exhausted but I am glad I got out and chatted with some ‘new’ people.  I am going to keep visiting ShopGirls and supporting Canadian talent!

Thanks for the invite Leesa!

posing with a potential purchase?

So after all this, do you think YOUR Tuesday topped mine? I think not, but I’ll humor ya…..

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