Winning! *(not Sheen style)

I love winning!

The girls over at Beauty Crazed Canada recently held a contest for a Dalton colour creme lip gloss set!  I was a winner!  That made my Monday at work for sure-I had recently been checking out Dalton on the shopping channel!

It arrived quite quickly-don’t be jealous here are some photos:

attractive packaging too?

and the best part, the inside….4 lip cremes AND a retractable brush:

look at the amount of product-gotta love this.

2 colors-from left Lisa Lou and ShawnyK

from left Patti's Pout, Janie

such a nice looking set I don't want to even use the product!

I was so happy to win this set…I can’t wait to use it! I have a feeling Dalton Cosmetics will be a permanent part of the rotation!

Thanks again ladies!  You really made my day!

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  • Elaine A

    Wow you are quick! I won too but I haven’t received them in the mail yet 🙁 Hope I get it soon! Looks sooo pretty!

    • meredith

      You will love these….they are great. There is so much product and the lip brush is awesome-I want to order another one!