Guess who’s back a.k.a Asia beauty haul!

Ah my bachelorette days are over……and my household is now complete (and looking a bit disheveled).

I’ll get right down to business.  I am obsessed with Asian beauty/makeup stores.  I am so glad that I got cosmeticcupcake to fill me in on the ‘hot spots’


Flat Iron-staple item. Haven't used it yet but do have the adaptor

doughnut lip balms-why not. At least my personal trainer will allow me these treats!

cute lip gloss-another staple. Packaging is adorable, don't want to open this!

Beauty blending sponge-I have always wanted to try one of these!

Instructions for blending sponge-I'll have to look at the pictures!

This is interesting-had to google it. Apparently it's some kind of skin polish-with a gel consistency.

House of Etude-I have missed your so. My Miss Perfume cutie set-perfume stick and ink pen(?) Why an ink pen?

Perfumed stick-very citrus-y

The pen from my Perfume cutie set. It is adorable but I don't know why it comes with perfume?

And for the non-makeup items:

mini-speaker-pink was the correct choice

doll set-this will most likely go to work with me.

Even though I had asked for a trip to DFS Galleria (specifically Burberry), I won’t complain about the Coach:

love this keychain!

free samples from House of Etude!

All of this stuff makes me want to schedule a trip to Asia ASAP-more specifically Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Seoul!  I am thinking about all the things that I would probably just faint over…..*sigh*

Luckily, I have been able to find a lot of my ‘coveted’ items online and am planning an online excursion for later on today!

Phew….feeling satisfied!

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  • Lauren

    Nice haul!! I looooove th Coach keychain.

    But even better than the haul is that hubby is back 🙂

    • meredith

      oh totally….but I still heart the keychain and all the rest of the cute asian beauty products