V.I.P. status and red carpet swag- Toronto Beauty Bloggers Event!

Well the Juno’s are tonight and even though the official red carpet is outside the Air Canada Centre, the REAL action was at Loki Salon for the Step Into Spring TBB Meet-up!

Of course, like most TBB events I attend, I get so wrapped up in being surrounded by fabulosity that I don’t take any photos.  I can’t help it-it’s hard being in a room of creative, fabulous, and BEAUTIFUL people (wahh wahh right?)

My specialty-crooked photos. Farah and a giveaway winner....

marianitamc and makemeover_Ande such talented women!

Jenn from Spiced Beauty holding her prize (Yes I would take it if she set it down. She knows me pretty well...)

And now the swag bag…talk about V.I.P. Well, look and see for yourself:

The white bag held our 'swag' but keep looking-it goes on forever!

I know I know, you're impressed...but wait, there's more!

amazed yet or just jealous?

yup all of this is in one bag!

Still going.....

There WERE truffles in here....and yes, they were delicious.

Hard Candy anyone? Why yes please!

no longer on a mascara hunt....fan-freakin'-tastic!

love the joe fresh lip stain-what a great color for spring. Lip gloss in clear will top that off nicely!

Phew!  How can a girl not feel like rock royalty after looking through the contents of that bag? I mean this is Oscar-worthy!

Okay so in addition to the swag bag, I also had to purchase one of the lovely feather creations by FeatherBand and trust me ladies, these are a must have:

I can't even tell you how much I love this headband. I have to buy more!

Finally, some items that I bought from Joyce’s blog sale:

Smashbox palette-limited edition

oooo I can not wait to use this...love the contrast!

and finally my UD eyeshadow in Heist:

love this shade-and the packaging. Still pissed at UD and Naked palette-less.

*sigh* isn't she lovely?

What an afternoon!  Makes signing into work seem bearable!

Huge shout-outs to Farah and Kavita for providing location and all around AWESOMENESS. This was by far an absolutely OUTSTANDING EVENT.  I appreciate Farah including me and welcoming me into the TBB circle.  I love spending time with creative and amazing people and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have the opportunity!

This Sunday gets a grade of PERFECT.

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  • Ande

    You my dear are amazing, your love towards anything beauty is awesome. Love talking to you!

    • meredith

      I am just so glad that I got to meet you at the last get together….I am in awe of all the talent in one space! It’s almost too much for me-can’t handle all the greatness!

      keep me posted on your events and what’s going on with your life-I take a lot of my ‘makeup direction’ from you!

  • Tamara

    It was so nice to meet you, I love putting faces to the blogs & tweets! :]

    I just finished going through everything, and am taking a break for dinner before I get to posting. Enjoy your goodies!

    • meredith

      I seriously feel like a celebrity with that swag bag-it is so incredible! I am glad that I came across your blog-you speak on topics that I like reading about!

  • Mariana

    this is an amazing post!! 🙂 it was nice seeing you 🙂

    • meredith

      Thank you and likewise! I just read your post for the makeup you did for the bridal veils-amazing job, but I expect nothing less from you!

  • Anjali

    The swag is amazing, huh? Welcome to the TBB group!!!
    I’m glad we got to catch up today – so great to see you. We MUST lunch soon 🙂
    – Anjali

    • meredith

      It IS amazing! And yes, let’s make the ‘effort’ (what is it 10 steps) to get together for lunch. Soon! *muah*

  • Kavita Suri

    Awesome post and Thank You for the shout out 😀 Hope to see you soon xoxo

    • meredith

      I had to shout you out-Loki is beautiful! I am going to call for an appointment for some highlights, tanning and makeup in April!

  • Jennifer

    awww! Such a great post!
    Glad you loved your goodies.

    • meredith

      I love these events….I get to meet great people like YOU! *cue cheesy music*

  • ElaineA

    Amazing post Meredith! And so timely!!! I LOVED meeting you today, I’m so happy I had the opportunity to come to such a great meet up 🙂 Pictures together next time PLEASE!

    • meredith

      It was so wonderful to meet YOU! I have a great idea-let’s get our makeup done by Joy and then have pictures taken!!!! w00t!

  • lelo

    I missed out… But look at all the goodies! 🙂

    • meredith

      ugh you should’ve come…..!!!!

  • Farah

    Hey Mer awesome post!! SO glad you enjoyed your day out with the TBB crew 😉 Enjoy all the goodies and let me know if you review any k.

    Thanks for the love xo


    • meredith

      How could I not enjoy the swag? What’s your secret girl? You are so well connected……in awe of you!

  • missmarisol

    How fun! And check out all those goodies.

    • meredith

      It WAS fun! I don’t think I will have to buy anything for a long time!