Canada’s Game- Leafs vs. Sabres and some freakin’ fantastic Friday haul!

Although not a huge hockey fan, who am I to turn down great seats?  Enough said-please see photos:

had to zoom out to take this one

hello Ryan Miller

pile up....

It was a good time-I have to admit it.  Leafs took this one…

And now, Friday haul.  I think my genius moment this week was deciding to take an early lunch on Friday (say just before 11). I wanted to redeem my Victoria’s secret secret rewards card-which of course was worth $10.00.  So I bought the sweatpants I had been eye-balling and a cute pair of panties:

The sweats (on left) have a tag on them that says 'supermodel essentials' -um not quite, but they are comfortable

Then of course, I decided to pop into Sephora.  After horrendous service on my last trip (actually there was no assistance on the last trip), I wasn’t expecting much.  However, because I was there before the ‘high-school’ rush, I had someone approach me right away.  I found a decent tinted moisturizer (which I will most likely review later).  This was a big deal for me for 2 reasons:

1.  I am an everyday full coverage foundation wearer

2. I did NOT purchase laura mercier tinted moisturizer *gasp*

Stila Tinted moisturizer-sure, I'll give it a go!

However, I nearly screamed when the Sephora employee brought me over to Stila, because located directly across from that display was the product that has been my nemesis since January.  4 months and 3 waiting lists later, drumroll please, ladies and gentlemen may I present:

Naked eyeshadow palette-neutrals matte and shimmer in one place!

I am officially declaring Fridays after pay periods, “Fantastic Fridays”-I will take early lunch and do an express shop.  I have one convert already, Arianne (who quite frankly, didn’t need any convincing).

So how was your Friday? Fantastic? Why? Share with me!

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  • BeautyReflections

    Count me in! I love Fantastic Fridays! I had a good shopping trip yesterday too at the Gap Factory Outlet and Adidas Outlet! Oh, and I got my first Chanel eyeshadow. 🙂

    • meredith

      *high fives*

      OoOoOo Chanel e/s tres luxury. Nice…are you going to review it?