U.S. of A haul-age…..so far!

How could I NOT do a post on shopping in the U.S?

Many of you know that I recently had a ‘Calgon take me away’ moment and scheduled some time off to decompress.  This is how I decompress…..

I told myself I wasn’t going to rush to my destination and although I wanted to get from point A to point B in an expedited manner, I decided to stay over in a little town outside of Rochester.  I didn’t have a reservation but when I saw this hotel I thought it was for me.  When I walked in and saw the fireplace and the fresh baked cookies on the counter top, I KNEW I would stay there.  Equally impressive was the ‘makeup remover’ towelette and amenities in my room. It was like they knew I was coming:

hotel amenities....lovely!

Did I mention the hot tub and heated pool? I didn’t? It was fantastic!

So then I got ‘home’-didn’t do much the first day except the mani/pedi.

Then the next day, NYC-no pictures of that…way too much going on.  Got into it with a girl at one of the makeup counters at Saks (future post on that) and had a great Italian lunch. Then on my way back to the train station, I walked down 5th avenue and did some more shopping.  When I finally made it onto a train that night, I got all melancholy and emo…..leaving the city is the worst part.  I have to make trips a more regular occurrence.

And now, onto today-a cold, rainy day in upstate NY, but the malls are ‘open for business’-check it out:

Yankees gear for the game against the Blue Jays!

clothing-blue skirt with black belt, blue dress, pink hoodie, I love NY tee, & black cardigan-all bought for a steal!

Beauty-Bond No. 9 perfume, MAC sakura blush, nail polish, dry shampoo, hairbrush, headband, flat iron

New sneaks to sync up with new iphone! yay!

Candy for my candy bowl at work-I know it's empty at this moment!

So I have a day or two left.  I am exhausted right now but hopefully a good night’s rest will have me all revved up for tomorrow.  Don’t have much on my list, but will be hitting up the drug stores and target one-last-time.

Anyone else do some major damage this weekend? My credit card is smoking!

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  • Mama Dukes

    The sneakers are my favorite! Love when you come to town and ‘educate’ me on the latest!

    • meredith

      love coming back!

      Sneakers are great-price was the best part!

  • BeautyReflections

    Nice haul girl!!! Glad you are having a good time! I get that emo feeling leaving Disneyland when I go so I know what you’re talking about.
    Really want to hear about your SAKS girl encounter!!

    • meredith

      Thanks-I had a wonderful time!

      I feel like that when I live Disney world or Florida too….

  • Cherry

    amazing finds, esp yankees gear. We miss you here! are you putting gum in candy bowls now? =D

    • meredith

      No the gum is m-i-n-e. It’s delicious

  • missmarisol

    Nice hauling Meredith! Love the sneakers and when you use it, can you do a review of the dry shampoo? I almost purchased it but thought it was a bit too pricy.

    And I hate to tell ya but IMO that gum is so gross. Give it to those who you don’t like 🙂

    • meredith

      Yes I will review the shampoo. I have used it twice and love it!

      You don’t like the dessert gum? I love it and wouldn’t trade it away!

      • missmarisol

        You did? hahaha everyone that I shared it with did not like it. I should’ve sent them to you.

        • meredith

          I just love that gum and buy tons of it when I am in the US. I call it the ‘Biggest Loser’ gum because that is where I first saw it. No lie I bought 12 packs of it …..

  • Jenn

    Where is the MAC!! LOL

    • meredith

      There should be a blush in there somewhere. I got Sakura from Quite Cute!