Review: Beyond the Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo

All the way from upstate New York and just for Miss Marisol…..a review!

Rock on dry shampoo $5.99 USD-good stuff

How many times have I ignored my hairdresser’s warnings about not washing my hair every day.  2nd day hair just feels icky-we all know this!  I have been a huge fan of dry shampoos and have tried almost all of them.  My favorite (thus far) is Batiste…..well until now.

I snagged this product at Sally Beauty Supply near my parents house.  I certainly wasn’t looking for a dry shampoo-I still had over half my bottle of Batiste (in Tropical scent) left, and I was looking for a flat iron for a certain Cherry Lo.   As I was browsing through the store, the thought of “stocking up”  crossed my mind, but I didn’t notice this product until I got to the register where it was displayed prominently.  A big ‘Sale’ sign taped to the first bottle.

So I bought it (of course).  On my day of departure from NY I thought, ‘Hey why not-I will give this a test run.’  So I followed the directions (which read):

“Shake well before use.  Hold can 12″ from hair and spray lightly.  Use fingertips to massage through hair focusing on roots.  Brush product out.”

And that’s what I did!

I like this product!  It’s a fine mist, no residue with a very pleasant scent.   People with darker hair (which I don’t have) could use this-there is no white powder (I know that Tresemme dry shampoo has gotten a ton of complaints because of the white residue left on the hair).   Can’t argue with the price either ($5.99 USD)

I will use this until I run out-while it’s not a ‘I’ll die if I don’t have it’ type of  product, it would be a good reason to go back across the border for more!

Sooooo Miss M., if you are in the vicinity of a Sally’s, I say go for it-it’s worth the $5.99!

Do you dry shampoo? I wanna know!




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  • Cherry

    I’ve never dry shampooed. My hair is trained for a stringent “every other day”. You’ve to remind me why tresemme heat tamer spray is bad…it’s on sale at rexall!

    p.s. I’ve also given you a shout-out in my re-edited blog:

    • meredith

      The dry shampoo is nice-it absorbs oil and makes the hair smell great!

      The heat tamer spray by Tresemme isn’t the ‘worst’ but there are much better products available. Let’s go to Rexall and check it out next week!

  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    I sooo wanna try dry shampoo b/c I do wash my hair everyday but here’s the thing – I have curly hair!!! I can’t brush the product out!! And this is also why I have to wash my hair everyday (at least put conditioner) b/c the curls get all crazy and frizz like if I don’t. Sigh….

    • meredith

      Elaine-you bring up an interesting point/dilemma-curly hair has its own set of “issues”. I am going to explore this more and see if there is something available for curly hair-there must be something!

  • missmarisol

    Thank you so much for the review. I can’t believe you got it for $6. My hair dresser who recommended it had it at the salon for $20. Then I saw it at ULTA for $16 so I was sort of not to into it.

    • meredith

      Hmmm really? I wasn’t aware it was so expensive. Are you talking about the TIGI dry shampoo? I know that the Sally version and the TIGI version look the same?

      It IS a nice product either way. The scent is so pleasant and my hair feels so soft after I use it. I recommend it!

      • missmarisol

        Yeah I am a dumb a$$. I thought this was the TIGI one. I will have to check Beyond the Zone next time I am at Sally’s.

        • meredith

          It’s easy to mistake the two-Beyond the Zone is Sally Beauty’s answer to TIGI. The 2 are remarkably similiar!