Last week of April recap and new feature-‘what the dot-dot-dot?’

Phew last week (even though a 4 day work week) was BIZZZZZAAAAYYYY.  I am going to give you all the abridged version to the best of my memory!

Finally was able to get the first part of a major project off my plate this past Wednesday. What a huge weight that was lifted off my shoulders!  Even better was when I was able to confirm it had (successfully) ended up at its destination!  Huge *sigh* people.    Now I am moving on to the body of the project (and my original task), for which I will have amazing help-shout outs to foodie and all around awesome girl Paola.  Now, to work on my other talented and fabulous girl Liz (maybe she is reading this though…..).

Let’s see work, work, work…deadlines, deadlines, deadlines…..

Thursday was the coop student’s last day so I took her and Miss Cherry Lo out for Indian food at Dhaba.  Of course, the conversation was so scintillating and intense I forgot to take out my camera and document the event.  *sigh* getting older.   On the way back, Cherry ALMOST convinced me to jump into a flash mob (dancing) having a rehearsal on a grassy lawn.  Alas, we did not do this.  Next time, Cherry…..


Ahhh… was a pay week, so of course I kept up my new ‘tradition’ of hitting up the Eaton Centre early Friday before the high school brats swarm it for lunch.  Here is a mini haul:

Cherry Vanilla (new) from BBW and my free Royal lip balm. You must try Cherry Vanilla-it is so sweet!

And of course, with my coupon…..

Dream C bag-this screams "Meredith" and the 25% savings coupon makes it possible!


I had promised Cherry a trip to David’s tea and when the clock struck 5, we started along Queen Street….ended up passing the store because it looks like it is part of le Chateau a.k.a. store with the world’s worst return policy.  Luckily Cherry spotted the store and in we went.   It was awesome-see below:

David's tea-these are samples. Looks like I only got 3....keep reading!

My 11 packages of David's Tea....hey I have to have some fun while I cleanse!

The employee at David’s was wonderful as well….I could tell he likes his job.  He took his time with us and gave us a tea list.  I know I will definitely be back.

Tea list-go get one.

Finally, my pal Tracy over at Beauty Reflections talked about the book Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  I took a look on Amazon, threw it on my Kindle and am almost done with it.  Sooooo I am starting this cleanse/detox on Monday and am going to see how it’s going to go.  It’s not terribly difficult but I am sure the first week will be hell.  I need to do this though-long overdue.

Something new that I am sure I will be able to keep up every week… feature on my blog that will be called

What the dot dot dot

This week’s selection is a photo outside a very popular sushi restaurant in my neighborhood:

Robster? Really? *sigh*

Enough said.

How was your week? What were the highlights?

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  • BeautyReflections

    Hey thanks chick! The first few days were rough it’s getting a bit easier now. Always have some almonds in your purse!

    • meredith

      oh I know my first week is going to be hellish….but it says that you can have snacks…so I will be taking advantage of that. I have to do this though…’s long overdue!

      Are you going for the full 3 weeks?

      • BeautyReflections

        I’m not sure. I’m going to do 2 weeks for sure though. I can’t stand the cold soups in the evening-blech. I’ve just been having fruit smoothies now. I was sent a beauty shake program to review, so I’ll have to start that one soon and it looks yummier!

        • meredith

          Hmm, do they absolutely have to be cold? I know heating kills the enzymes but I prefer a hot evening meal 🙂 I may have to heat them sometimes!

          I am going to see what I can do too…I want to complete 1 week and see if there are any ‘noticeable’ changes. I am going to return back to yoga on a regular basis as well.

          Beauty shake sounds interesting. Can’t wait to read about it!

          • BeautyReflections

            They’re supposed to be cold and I’m like you-I like my soup hot. So I gave up on the soups. Too nasty for me.
            My stomach has gotten smaller I have to say! And I’m feeling a bit more energetic.

          • meredith

            wow-I just saw that (and bookmarked that page). I think I will pass on the chilled soup but I could probably handle room temp. I ate a lot of things I didn’t want to while I was in the military so I am not that picky.

  • Cherry

    david’s tea is da bomb! I’m drinking a herbal tea right now that tastes almost “disgusting” in David’s books. p.s. I ended up missing the train on Friday by 3min!

    • meredith

      I loved the David’s experience. I think we should make it a weekly thing (weather permitting)….maybe the last 30 minutes of lunch?

      • Cherry

        I browse through the entire tea list at least twice. I can’t wait to try other flavours. You MUST review the tea you purchased!! 🙂

  • Mama Dukes

    Robster roll? Is that supposed to be Rooster Roll? Hahaha! Or is it referring to the high price??? I’m confused! Hope none of that sushi lights up; that would be a sure indicator it’s from Japan since the nuclear explosion! Enjoy, if you can

    • meredith

      What’s worse is that its says “Robster Roll” and then underneath it says “Roster”so which is it?

      Perpetuating the stereotype….*sigh*

  • missmarisol

    Great haul & Robster…. hahahah too funny!

    My week was good. Had a bit too much fun so the scale wasn’t too happy but I will survive! hee hee

    • meredith

      oh weight watchers….I have stopped doing that. I decided that I am going to do a thorough detox and then go right back to my naturopath. I am also going to toss in some yoga.

      • missmarisol

        Good luck to you! What detox do you do? And what’s naturopath?

        • meredith

          The detox is the Clean program by Alejandro Junger.

          a naturopath is a type of doctor that views health from a holistic standpoint. They don’t dispense pills and medicine but usually treat from a natural source (vitamins, supplements)

  • Max

    My husband and I first notices the “Robster Roll” at a sushi place on Bloor. Today we saw it again at Toko.
    Maybe it’s a real thing…. not just poor translation 😀

    • meredith

      Gosh I haven’t tried the robster yet…..hee hee.