Lipstick du Jouer (Review of)

I stumbled upon this post from Gloss Menagerie and knew that I would have to explore further. I have never been ‘good’ at wearing nude lipsticks but since they are so en vogue lately, I thought why not dive in…of course I didn’t dive but after reading GM’s post, I thought a pinky nude appropriate.

Enter Jouer Cosmetics, and more specifically Meredith lipstick!

My order from Jouer cosmetics

Just had to prove this to you all:

it's me!

The package says….

‘hydrating lipstick.  With a soft, smooth finish and the powerful moisturizing properties of Brazil’s Cupuacu Butter, Jouer’s Hydrating Lipstick is the perfect balance of treatment and color.’

*not tested on animals*-always a plus!

I like this lipstick…for what I like to call a ‘transitional nude’, it’s perfect.  It’s not too pink, and not too nude.  It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel dry on the lips.

Not too nude, not too pink-it's Meredith Hydrating Lipstick !

I like this lipstick to the point that it’s now in my purse for daily wear!  I am not completely obsessed with it (yet) but I like what Jouer has to offer so far.  They sent a product catalog and I also got 2 free samples of their luminizing moisture tint, which I have yet to try.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture tint that I havent tried yet!

Have you tried any Jouer products? What do you think?


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  • Cherry

    Try not to lose that lipstick at work! 😛
    Love your nail polish.

    • meredith

      I am sure not going to lose this lipstick. I haven’t given up on the blush yet-going to clean the bedroom today. I may have stashed it somewhere! Keep those fingers crossed!

  • missmarisol

    Never tried this brand but that is a cute color.

    • meredith

      It’s a great lipstick. My only complaint is that my lips can’t have even a hint of dryness while wearing.