Luxury touched by nature-Covergirl Natureluxe foundation

They actually call this ‘liquid silk’  (on the package anyway).  Anyone who knows me knows that my face base struggle is a daily one.  Having been a victim of a recent eruption of pimples (increased consumption of dairy), I thought it may be time to change it up and go ‘lighter.’  I have seen this product on a number of blogs, and recently received a sample of this in the mail.

I bought this in the lightest color available (alabaster).  Here goes:

It's been a long time since I used a 'drugstore' foundation.....

The package says….

“Foundation with a hint of jojoba extract and cucumber water, gives flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel.”

The sample I tried was decent.  I (smartly) applied with a sponge-I think if I have tried with my fingers or a brush, things would’ve gone awry.  This makeup does have a light feel.  Coverage is also light-it’s more than a tinted moisturizer, but lighter than what would be considered medium coverage (in my opinion).  I don’t feel that this foundation is buildable….if you were to need more coverage in a certain area, I would go back in with concealer and/or powder. I actually think the alabaster is a tad light for me-the pictures below show the makeup on my skin and then partially blended:

Covergirl Natureluxe foundation in alabaster

Alabaster partially blended-too light? What do you think?

I am not in love with this foundation at all, but I don’t hate it either.  I think it will come in handy when I want to go ‘lighter’ but not as light as my tinted moisturizer (which I am still wearing on the weekends, aren’t you all proud of me).  I applaud Covergirl for creating more ‘eco-friendly’ products though.

Have you tried any Natureluxe products and if so, what did you think?

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  • Mandy

    I received a NatureLuxe Foundation for trying out & reviewing, unfortunately the color is a bit too dark for me. I think Alabaster would have been just perfect for me as I am quite pale! Haven’t got around to trying what I do have, though, so no opinion of the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation yet. This helps me to know what to possibly expect, though.

    What I do have a LOT of, though, is the NatureLuxe Gloss Balms. I have five in total right now. I did a post about the first four I purchased, and just got my fifth one that I might do another post on so I can share the swatch. If you like lip balms and love getting a bit of color from the balm, they might be worth checking out! 🙂

    • meredith

      Mandy-thanks for replying! I am going to give the Natureluxe another chance…my skin has been “confused” lately and I want to try again. I have heard excellent things about the balms and I am all about sheer washes of color for spring/summer!