Review: BBW Liplicious Royal Pucker in Spiced Berry

I will never turn down lip gloss….especially when it’s free! I got a coupon for a free ‘Royal’  lip treatment or antibacterial gel.  So I bought the new Cherry Vanilla Body Spray and Lotion and got this little gem:


Royal Pucker in Spiced Berry


Hard to describe this color-it’s a berry with some mauve but not overpowering with shimmer.  Here’s what it looks like on my hand:


glossy gloss!


I have worn this for 2 days already and I love it!  It goes on smooth, has a cinnamon & vanilla flavor/fragrance to it and isn’t sticky!  I recommend it! Of course it comes in other colors and there are many many to choose from.  This is more of  a weekend gloss for me…it gives me a little color and is moisturizing.

Anyone else tried Liplicious gloss from BBW? What do you think?

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  • Cherry

    that’s great! It’s hard to find a lip gloss that’s moisturizing.

  • missmarisol

    Great color! I like the BBW glosses. I stock up during their semi annual sales.

    • meredith

      oh girl they are fabulous…..