smokey eyes, MAC haul, and bright mani!

A rainy Tuesday in Toronto… why not go on a quick jaunt throughout the PATH system with Miss Cherry Lo?

We started out with BBW….there was nothing new there, but we did see an upcoming promotion with a Bag that was quite cute.  Then we went to the Body Shop and got even more excited. I think we sampled about 90% of the products in there.  The Body Shop was also offering a bag for $12 with 30% off everything that you put in the bag….but alas, we did not buy (although I may go back tomorrow for the bag-did you want me to pick you up anything Cherry?)

The biggest suprise was MAC.  I went in for the Naked liner and a lipglass from the Quite Cute collection but here is what I ended up with:

MAC quite cute palette, Girl <3 Boy lipglass and #219 brush

I was quite hesitant to buy the Quite Cute palette because I heard the color payoff was not so good.  However, let’s get another look at the palette:

Quite Cute palette up close.....

Still not impressed? How about a face shot of yours truly with the look that was done on my eyes at the MAC store:

smokey eyes with the Quite Cute palette? Yup it's trying to look sultry needs some work though

I was shocked…..this was done with the palette and some black eyeliner.  Not too shabby.  Also looking at the Cover Girl Natureluxe foundation-that’s not too shabby either! So of course I bought the palette. And the lipglass.

Girl Heart Boy-Liz got this first and it was so pretty I needed to grab it!

My last stop today was the Spa at the Intercontinental.  I was there for a manicure (a gift for Administrative Professionals Day/Week).  I am so sick of the dreary, blah weather so I came out looking like this:

Spring manicure from the Spa at the Intercontinental! Thanks Sofia!

Not too bad for a Tuesday….

How was  your Tuesday? Do anything special?

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  • missmarisol

    Great haul and looking fly M!

    What nail polish color is that? Right now i am using Sephora by OPI’s Don’t Feed the Hand Models.

  • Cherry

    You & Paola gotta stop spoiling me!! I got everything I need!
    Love the MU & Good choice of nail colour, let’s hope the weather will follow its lead…

  • ElaineA

    Pretty, pretty! You are smoking with those smoky eyes!!!! The bright colour is great on the nails – man now I wish I took the time to do mine!

    • meredith

      thank you thank you!

      I am so glad we got to see that movie last night!

  • BNBMakeupArt

    very pretty! I love the mani too!

    • meredith

      thank you! it won’t last more than 3 days (chip free) but it’s a fun color!

  • Lauren

    oh wow, I love the way they did your eyes!! I would not think you could get smoky from that palette! And the nails are super cute!

    • meredith

      wow…I happen to love your new photo…that is smokin’!

      • Lauren

        Thanks! Was from NYE although will be wearing that dress again in a few weeks for a wedding 🙂

        • meredith

          It’s a beautiful dress!

  • Liz

    hahaha… Told you Girl <3 Boy is the best! Absolutely love the delicate pink colour is gives my lips. And you will too! 🙂

    • meredith

      It is so beautiful-my only caveat about MAC lip gloss is that my lips have to be perfectly moisturized in order to wear it! All the more reason to take care of them!