mini haul! Vicky’s, Avon, and Toy!

Feels like I have been gone forever….but contrary to popular belief, I am still here!  As swamped at work as I am, I managed to fit in a mini haul-here you are:

Vicky's and Avon!

Sooooo you will have to take my word for it that there is a Body by Victoria bra in Nude in that bag there.  No big whoop-we’ve all seen those before.

I was super psyched when I met my new Avon lady, Vita (pictures in a future post after I ask permission).  She delivers to my workplace!  Awesome!  I got a couple of items, but was especially excited about these:

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Eye 'Smokifier'-so glad I spotted these!

So excited about the eye ‘smokifier’ -Smashbox makes a similar product for much more $$.  Have not tried yet but will review in the future for sure-as someone who is still mastering the ‘smoky’ eye, I think this will be a nice intermediate step.

Also, summer is practically upon us and that means sandals and open toe shoes.  So of course I had to get this:

mojito sugar scrub for my tootsies....awesome!

And finally….something I have been wanting for awhile…my toy watch!

Neon Plasteramic Watch-does this scream 'Meredith' or what? I <3 it!

So, tomorrow marks the middle of the week, then it’s all downhill from there right?I am looking forward to lunch with Miss Laurenrjacobs and then some spa time after work.

What’s on tap for the rest of your week? Any hauls, celebrations, mishaps?

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  • ElaineA

    Cool looking forward to hearing what you think about the Avon stuff. I’ve never tried that smokifier.

    Such a cute watch!

    • meredith

      Thanks girl! I am going to give the smokifier a shot.

      The watch is something that I have been wanting for awhile. I am thinking to save up for the same kind but more bling!

      How are you feeling E?

  • missmarisol

    Nice haul. What a cute watch!

    • meredith

      oh I love the watch!

  • BeautyReflections

    Nice haul! Still doing detox?

    • meredith

      Yes I am almost through my 2nd week! Feeling good.

      How did you end up doing?

  • Mariana

    nice having you back!!! I’ve been gone too and my blogger was giving me problems and not showing any updates for the blogs I follow but it seems to be working now 🙂 let me know what you think of the mojito sugar scrub 🙂 sounds yummy, lol

  • Paola

    Avon doesn’t have the greatest PR in Mexico, but you are really making me want to give it a try! let me know what you think of the liner when you use it!!
    As for the watch… LOVE it!! – I think it screaaams Meredith 🙂 (I’ve been wanting to get the white one for a while).

    • meredith

      Avon is really doing their best to keep on top of trends-and I can appreciate that. They have some great lines (Jillian Dempsey and mark) to name a few. I am going to ease into it. I like the liner so far, I may wear it tomorrow. Can’t go wrong with the drop off at work either!

  • Paola

    True!! I think I’m going to take a look at the catalog and give it a try 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the liner on!