My experience at Hammam Spa-bad start, happy ending!

Don’t worry-this story has a *happy* ending!

I was beyond excited to learn that Hammam Spa offers Gelish…if you know me at all, you know that I adore Shellac, Axxium, Gelish but if I have a choice, I will choose Gelish EVERY time.  The color selection is fabulous, you can layer polishes, and it doesn’t make my nails peel.  So I thought I hit paydirt when I started seeing Hammam tweets pop up on my twitter feed talking about Gelish.

I called and made an appointment for this evening (6:30pm) to be exact.  I was a little annoyed that they make you leave your credit card number to “hold your booking” but hey I am sure that encourages customers to show up.

I ended up getting to Hammam early-I had decided to walk from work because it was such a nice day outside.  The spa on the outside and entrance look pretty and relaxing.  I entered and was greeted by an employee at the front desk.  I told her my name and that I was early.  She told me that I could be seen at 6:15.  She asked me if I wanted to use the steam room at the spa before my treatment and I politely declined (but thought hmmm maybe I should’ve-that would’ve been great).  She gave me a key for a locker and I put almost all of my things there but kept my purse (for iphone/blackberry tweeting- I am glad I did).  She led me to the lounge and told me that my therapist would meet me here.  I sat down.  It’s quite comfortable-here is a photo of one section of the seating area:

Hammam Spa lounge/seating area

There was ‘spa’ music playing which was quite relaxing…however the spa is underneath a restaurant/bar (with no carpeting above).  Someone was having a good time prancing around in heeled shoes on the floor above.  Not relaxing.  Also not relaxing was the fact that I was not offered water, tea…..nothing.  I did wander over to the other side of the lounge and saw fruits, tea, water, and cookies (and yes I did help myself to some water).  Throughout my wandering, I was tweeting the entire time.  I tweeted about the no water, I tweeted about the lateness.  Finally, I sat down across from the food and saw this, which I have titled the ‘mystery fridge’

what is that covered stuff? Is this edible?

Okay so anyway after the wandering and sitting, I began checking my watch.  6pm came, then 6:15pm, then 6:30pm.  I thought, hmmm what should I do?  At 6:37pm, my iphone rang….guess who it was?

The front desk receptionist at Hammam ready to ask why I hadn’t come in for my appointment.  So basically, they forgot me.  Didn’t know I was there!  Really?  No seriously…. REALLY?

I walked to the front and asked the front desk receptionist what was going on.  She said, “Oh I was just trying to call you!”  I said, “Why? I have been sitting here since 5:45pm.”  She replied, “Oh really? Oh I am so sorry, I am so sorry…someone will be right with you.”  I said, “Where is the manager?” Of  course, she had ‘just left’, so I got her  business card, and while the therapist started working on my feet, I tapped out an email to the address I had on the business card.

I could not even look at my therapist-I was beyond angry. I just sat there-not saying a word.  Forgetting/unacknowledging/ignoring someone who has made an appointment at a spa is like number 1 sin yes?  When the front desk receptionist had told me she didn’t know I was there, I wanted to say, “How could you NOT have seen me? You walked by me twice to get YOURSELF some tea!”  !@#$%^&*  I felt super insignifcant…which is NOT the way that I want to feel when I am trying to relax.

Okay enough of my thoughts….

As ‘bad’ of a start that I had, I have to say the treatments were great.  My pedicure was thorough, gentle but firm.  I needed a lot of work on my feet and I got it.  They look pretty dang good for first official pedicure of sandal season:

nice toes for the summer (?) weather

While I was sitting in the pedicure chair, I heard the front desk receptionist talking on the phone….someone had called and was talking about my situation (she wasn’t speaking loudly-I just have good hearing).  I kept hearing her say, “But I was on my break….and “I didn’t know she was here.” I stopped listening after that.

and then onto my favorite Gelish.  The manicure was great-short and sweet but still quite thorough.  Here is the result and the reason why Gelish is still my favorite:

Beautiful sparkly goodness.....

So time to face the music…..when I got the register, the receptionist said, “We would like to apologize for what happened today and we will be giving you a complimentary treatment (not the entire treatment but one).”  I said, “Thank you very much.”  I paid for my treatment and bought an Inglot gloss (#49).  Yes I gave my therapist gratuity.


While I was in the locker area, I happened to check my phones as they were beeping/ringing when I was getting my manicure.  Here is the ‘Happy Ending’ part:

DM via twitter from salon owner

Wow-the power of twitter.  So, was this a quick response or what? I must give props to the owner for trying to make things right as fast as she could.  Impressive to say the least!

So what’s the verdict? Well, mistakes happen….and since they did go above and beyond to ‘fix’ it, I will most likely be returning.  The treatments were wonderful-I just hope the next time I go to Hammam, I can actually relax (versus wondering whether the staff is aware that I am in the salon).

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  • amelia

    Hey that really goes to show you the power of social networking! Your nails look great!!


    • meredith

      I know, right? Twitter (and quick responses) solved my problem!

  • Ande

    I’m glad your visit ended well, I love the power of twitter and bloggers! Btw inglot?? Did they have more products?

    • meredith

      It did end on a positive note.

      Inglot-glosses and nail polish only. The color on my toes is Inglot. The gloss is wonderful!

  • ElaineA (TOBeautyReviews)

    Another reason I love twitter! Instant responses!

    Hmmm that really isn’t a great way to start off a treatment but it sounds like it was a “one off” so hopefully something like that won’t happen again!

    • meredith

      Elaine, my thoughts exactly. I think it was an oversight and there was a solution provided.

  • Mandy

    When I read the entire first half, I was astounded. Never is it acceptable to forget someone is there, and if you walk by someone who looks like they have been there or are waiting, all you need to do is ask, “Hi, have you been helped?”

    I am glad they gave you a complimentary treatment, but they should have provided something extra. They could have given a complimentary with a % off the total service, or even a voucher for a certain % off the next time you were to re-book. But you took it all in the end with stride and a great attitude… and you’re right, the results do look great. 🙂

    • meredith

      Mandy, I agree with what you are saying. I was satisfied with the solution-I think it was great the the owner is ‘hands on’ and thank goodness for twitter.

      The services were more than satisfactory. I will give Hammam a second try!

  • Cherry

    I meant to comment about your nails after our mtg today, but we got “side-tracked”. I really like the colour – not sure what Gelish is, but it’s such a lovely colour.

    p.s. thx for letting me borrow your infuser, I’m having a cup right now =P

    • meredith

      I <3 Gelish. You should try it but it's definitely a 'splurge'

  • Mama Dukes

    Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! I can’t even imagine the receptionist’s face when you walked out of the back room and asked what was going on! AWKWARD-for her! She wanted to go through the cracks, I’m sure! Wonderful to know that the owner is REALLY interested in her business and attempted to correct the situaton. Glad it turned out so well. Gelish? Must be a brand name? I don’t think I’ve seen it.

    • meredith

      Gelish is a colored gel that is applied to the natural nail-and offers ‘no chip’ manicures for 2 weeks.
      I first got it at Spa Nails near YOUR home, so you have heard of it!

  • Tamara

    I think the one think I admired most about this situation is how you handled yourself. The silence may have been uncomfortable for the therapist, but I know plenty of people that would have vented there.. when it was really the receptionist’s mistake.

    The results look lovely & I’m glad you were able to get some resolution. :]

    • meredith

      It’s better that I kept quiet!
      Let’s hope that my next visit will be the relaxing time I envisioned!

  • Paola

    I once had a bad start experience at the Spa and it set me in the wrong direction to “relaxation”, so I know the feeling. BUT, hurray for Twitter and a responsible owner that makes great use of on line social tools, even when she’s on mat leave. Oh, and in case I haven’t said it enough, I LOOOOOVE your nails!!!

    • meredith

      My thoughts exactly! I am going to call to book an appointment next week-2nd times a charm?

  • Paola

    Sounds good! make sure you tweet about it… maybe a good opportunity for the owner to really step up her game at her business and surprise you with a little ‘treat’ on your 2nd visit 🙂