Announcing my first guest post EVER! LUSH tea tree water

I am so excited to introduce my pal Paola!  She was the one who suggested I try LUSH tea tree water (and I am so glad I did).  So it seemed only right that I have her guest post on this product…..

Introducing.....Paola! Now read her post below!

Tea Tree Water for my thirsty skin.


Lately, I had been having that “hangover” feeling on my face – even when I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep and stay away from the pub/clubbing scene.  It was becoming normal to see a dull, tired and dry look on my face without any make up on. My pores seemed to be getting wider and wider, which was terrorizing the heck out of me. I mean, I am 33 years old, but that doesn’t mean my skin should look it J .


So it was time to give my facial products a little make-over. This time, I was leaning towards a more “natural”, less “chemical” product and after some good internet research and review reading it became clear. I needed to head to Lush.


To be honest, I went in looking for a moisturizing cream and a hydrating face mask (their face masks claim to be home-made with the freshest ingredients and brought to the stores every Friday).  Well, I left the store with all of the above, plus my tea tree water bottle (and a couple of samples, score!).


First impression the first time I used it? I LOVED it! It doesn’t burn, doesn’t over-dry (it’s alcohol free) and I can actually see how my skin just soaks it all in! from day one, my skin felt tighter and my pores looked smaller (miracle!!). I thought I’d see the “real” change when I used my new moisturizing cream, but the change had already started with the Tea Tree Water. At first, I was spraying it on a cotton ball, but it takes too much to my taste (and my wallet). Then, our good friend Meredith suggested that I sprayed it straight on to my face, and I’ve had great results, and I’m also glad to see it lasting a little longer this way.

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The bottle reads: “Tone with tea tree, grapefruit and juniper. Take control of those troublesome pores! A best-seller for normal to oily skin. Use on cotton wool to remove excess cleanser and to refresh the skin.”


I threw it in my gym bag yesterday. After my work out, I washed my face with soap and water and sprayed some tea tree water all over my face and it felt so refreshing! It kept my skin fresh, soft and oil-free for the rest of the day.


Facial products are definitely a very personal choice, but if you have combination skin and are in search of a new/different product with a more natural approach, then I highly recommend you make a trip to Lush and get one of these bottles! It’s worth the $8.95  (for a 100ml).

Okay….has anyone else tried this product?  I have and I like it!

Are you a LUSH fan?





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  • ElaineA

    Interesting!!!! I definitely need help in the pores department and I have oily skin so this sounds great! I know the benefits of tea tree oil itself, but often the smell is quite strong. Might have to give this one a try…but in a little while – I’ve been shopping too much lately!

    • meredith

      It actually is pretty darn good. I have been using it myself for about 2 weeks and I like it. It’s not overdrying either.

  • Liz

    oh boy! I’m going to try this for sure!!! Not a Lush fan – but I may just become one after trying this product… who knows… 😉

    • meredith

      Liz- Give LUSH a chance!

      • Paola


        I was never a Lush fan myself before. I ended up there out of desperation really. Tired of all the commercial brand toners and moisturizers that were not doing much for my skin and I’m loving it now. Let us know how your experience goes when you get it!