Various hauls throughout the week!

Short but sweet….I have been shopping this week.  I still have some random items that I will have to photograph.  I haven’t used anything I bought to the point that I can write an ‘objective’ review on it (yet).  So here are the photos:

great stuff from Vicky's, BBW, and YBF

Super happy to finally see Victoria’s Secret in Canada (but unhappy there is little to no PINK merchandise in the stores here).  However, I jumped all over the pink scarf, and took advantage of the $10.00 tote bag (with any beauty purchase).  My ‘beauty’ purchase was a mini Bombshell fragrance mist.  I like Bombshell, but am not in love with it (yet).  The scarf is totally me though!

Bath and Body Works-I absolutely adore the Apricot Vanilla Fragrance, and was THRILLED that they are coming out with additional Vanillas.  I snagged the LAST $1.00 lotion of the new Pineapple Vanilla.  It’s heavenly!  Can’t wait to try the others when they come out next week!

YBF (Your best friend).  I was itching to use the $20.00 gift card from the Shopping Channel and saw the ‘Kissed by the Sun’ set and put it right in my shopping cart!  I am not disappointed-2 lip liners, bronzer, lip glosses, and a brush.  Not too shabby for $28.50 but I only paid $8.50!

Greg May hair care-luxurious. The leave in conditioner smells like candy!

Today was a great day for me at Greg May Hair Architects.  Mike did my hair…listened to what I wanted, and gave me a great trim!  On my way out, I purchased the leave in conditioner (orange) and was given a complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. My hair looks awesome and feels so much better. I’ll be going back in June for color and another snip!

Sephora loose mineral foundation, tarte inner eyes brightener, and 500 point perk!

Finally, Sephora beckoned once again….I have been loving their mineral foundation and am disappointed to see it in the sale bin.  I can only assume that they won’t be carrying it anymore, so I snagged another.  Hey, for $12.00-it’s a great deal! Look at the size of the container!  Another product I have been wanting to try is the tarte eye pencil.  I have read about this on several blogs and want to try it out on myself-it’s quite peachy so I am wondering how it will look on me!  The best was yet to come-at the register.  the 500 point perk for Beauty Insiders is amazing this month!  I just love the way this set is arranged.  Haven’t opened it yet-it would make a great gift though.  Knowing me, I will tear into it in a week.

There were some other random, smaller purchases…some earrings, 2 tshirts…but that’s it.  I want to hold off on summer clothing since I am still aggressively dieting!

Anyone else haul this week?

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  • Cherry

    oh my gosh! That bag is beautiful! I LOVE it! It comes with any beauty purchase valued at $10 or it’s $10 after any beauty purchase?

    • meredith

      $10.00 after the beauty purchase, but totally worth it. Beach bag for summer-after all this dieting/detoxing I better be headed to at least one beach!

      • Cherry

        you better!!!! Speaking of detoxing, are you still on the Davids craze? I am & I’m running low on product…… can we take a trip next week if weather permits?

        • meredith

          I am still on the David’s craze….but I may be looking and not purchasing this go around. I have a ton of tea! I am always good for a walk down Queen and a cup to go!

  • missmarisol

    I got that 500 point perk when I bought my foundation. One of the better perks I’ve seen lately. How’s the foundation working out?

    • meredith

      I know that perk is AWESOME. I still haven’t decided whether I will give it as a gift or be selfish and keep it!

      • missmarisol

        Keep it it’s gorgeous! Or you could get another one to gift.