Rave: Hammam Spa Take Deux!

So you all know about my first time at Hammam Spa (if not, look here).  Despite that, I did enjoy the treatments and the results so I decided to book another appointment!

Glad I did!  My treatment was on time and wonderful!  First let me show you some of the photos I took from the spa booklet that I picked up.  I am usually skeptical of those-because they are usually staged and not what the space ACTUALLY looks like.  However, in this case, the spa booklet looks EXACTLY like the space. Take a peek:

Reception area and entrance to spa...yes that is water under the stairs

esthetic area....

Massage -I want to crawl into the brochure right now

tea lounge

Hammam is known for their steam room-when you book a treatment there, you are welcome to use the steam room.  I have not done this (yet) but I will be using it on my next visit.  Check it out:

Steam room

So you’ve seen the brochure now but what about my nails? I had Shellac applied and a classic manicure.  I went with a bright color this time!

<3 my Hammam nails!

close up-Shellac in Tutti Fruitti and Gelish in Vegas nights!

So the experience the second go-round was just fine!  The manicure was thorough and I just can’t get enough of Shellac/Gelish!  Thumbs up Hammam-redemption!

Yes, I booked another appointment 😉

How are your nails looking lately? What’s on them?

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  • Elaine A

    Glad to hear you had a better experience this time 🙂

    • meredith

      I sure did. I also found out when you book in advance you get a discount. EVEN BETTER.

  • missmarisol

    Great color & sounds like it was a good experience this time around.

  • Mama Dukes

    Hey, was the same receptionist there?? Hahahaha! Read ahead to your Clothing Show review. I love my Konad stamper kit, too. Tons of discs to order from for more designs, too! Glad you had a good time!