MAC Surf Baby mini haul!

So until recently, I had NOT purchased anything from the Surf Baby collection.  However, a trip to the MAC store on Queen Street changed my mind. I was especially interested in the Cheek Powder, which almost every store is out of.  Not giving up, I made a small purchase at the Bloor Street Store-which is undergoing renovations!

Anyhoo, here it is:

MAC Surf Baby

eyeliner=Blue Noon

eyeshadow=Surf USA

lipstick=Bust Out

I have an idea for an eye look but now I feel like I should pick up Saffron?  Thoughts? Also has anyone tried False Lashes? I am on the fence about buying it-mostly because it is NOT waterproof!



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  • Cherry

    Sorry, I can’t offer you any thoughts on Saffron, unless you’re talking about the saffron from the Iridaceae family that’s readily used as a spice. In that case, you should purchase it because they are delicious & a crucial ingredient to any Iranian & Indian cuisine. We can discuss this further tomorrow.

    Awesome haul, but I do wish you get your hands on the cheek powder soon. Love love love the design……and holy moly, is that a purple lipstick?

    • meredith

      Yeah um talking about makeup as usual 🙂

      Did you use the Moroccan oil yet?

      • Cherry

        LOVE IT! smells great, feels great.

        • meredith

          good…keep using it and it should make a huge difference.

  • Mandy

    Purple lipstick is my favorite right now. I love Covergirl’s Lip Perfection in “Divine” — affordable and long wearing!

    I hear Saffron & Sunblonde are awesome. From the swatches and videos I’ve watched, I’m very tempted to get them. Unfortunately I’m just not that into MAC 🙁

    • meredith

      Mandy, I am going to look for that lipstick. MAC isn’t all that, but I do like their color combinations. I am really drooling over Sugarpill and you have done some GREAT looks with their products.

  • BeautyReflections

    I got Sunblonde and Surf USA and Blue Noon the other day, but I think I’m going back for Saffron as well.
    How’s the lipstick?

    • meredith

      I tried Saffron on today….it’s not working for me….didn’t look good on my skin at all!

  • marisol

    Nice haul Mer!

    • meredith

      Thanks! I am still getting used to the colors….not my everyday look!