Lash out-my experience at Chic Lash Lounge and Academy

**After reading this post, please visit my 2nd post :  I have been going to CHIC LASH for 2 months with PHENOMENAL results and you need to know that they really made things right with me!**

I have fairly decent eyelashes, but the thought of having incredibly lovely, lush, sexy eyelashes has always been a desire of mine. Oh how excited was I to see this place open up literally right across the street from me!  I have been ‘investigating’ lash bars for awhile…but never could bring myself to make an appointment. Until now…

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Before I get too far, here is the website.  Not easy to find by the way.  Also these will be the only pictures you see of the studio (will explain later on).  I called and left a voicemail on Wednesday, and a polite sounding woman (later I found out this is Susan, one of the owners) returned my call.  I ended up making an appointment for this afternoon, which I almost missed because of work (oh joy). Susan did mention that there are Junior Stylists, Intermediates, and Masters and that there are price differences between them all.  She suggested that I choose an Intermediate or Master for my first time since there was an ‘obvious difference in skill set.’ Fair enough.

I entered the studio and an asian girl (who turned out to be Yoon, my technician) greeted me and gave me a clipboard with some paperwork to fill out.  The studio looks as pictured on the website somewhat.  There were also another asian woman (Susan) and a male in the studio (forgot his name).  I handed the clipboard back to Yoon and she led me to a couch.  I thought I would be waiting as she prepared a table for me to lay down on but NO, the lounge (of chaise variety) was what I was to lay down on.  It wasn’t long enough for my legs, so I had my legs bent the entire time, which was uncomfortable. I was also told to take off my shoes (as to not ruin the lounge?).  Yoon did ask if it was my first time and I said yes, but that was about all the explanation I got. Granted, her first language isn’t English, but a little introduction would’ve been great.  Before I knew it, I had some kind of sticker applied to my undereye and I was told to close my eyes and not open them until instructed.  Again, I guess that would’ve been okay had I not been in an open area, right across from the ‘seating area’, with Susan and unknown male walking back and forth.  Being my true self, I called out to Susan and identified myself as a blogger.  I asked her if I could take some photos of the studio and she told me no!  Her reasoning was that the space was ‘too messy and not as clean as I wanted it to be.’  Um, so why are you open then?  Then I asked her if I could ask her some questions so that when I blogged about my experience, I would have a more ‘thorough’ picture.  Her response? “Well, I am actually leaving now.”  I asked her if she would be back and she said that Yoon is too quick and that I could wait around for her to return (What the …? Wait for her?).  We finally settled on her leaving her business card on the computer.  She also instructed Yoon to take my credit card number but not “complete the transaction”….um again, WHAT? I am not leaving my credit card number and not getting a receipt.  More on that later too. After a lot of her and unknown male walking back and forth (which made me more uncomfortable being that my purse and valuables were just out in the open and I couldn’t open my eyes), they finally ‘left’ to attend to whatever business was more important than taking 5 minutes to talk to a new customer (not to mention the free potentially awesome advertising/marketing for them).

So now, the actual process. Not too bad….upon application the stickers are quite uncomfortable…but once I got used to them, it was easy-peasy.  Yoon did work very quickly and is very talented.  She finished in about 30 minutes.  I actually purchased only 35 lashes per eye (that is the least number of lashes available).   Yoon gave me some aftercare instructions (also on the website) and then handed me a mirro to inspect. I noticed on the website it says that you are supposed to get a lash brush to take home on your first visit.  Didn’t get that.  Also saw on the website that there was ‘Chic Lash’ approved mascara.  Didn’t hear about that. I ran to an ATM around the corner and gave Yoon cash!  Definitely not leaving a credit card number the first time…who knows what could happen?

Absolutely gorgeous!  She did a great job!

So the verdict? Chic Lash has got talent-in the form of their stylists.  Management leaves a LOT to be desired.  My advice? If you want extensions, go to the website, take advantage of the $25.00 off a full set promotion and bring cash!  I am hoping that management/owners will improve and work on their ‘bedside manner’ and customer service.  A little goes a long way….and I think 5 minutes of Susan’s time would’ve lead to more positive comments!  Am I sold on Chic Lash? Not really-I am going to look around, there are tons of lash bars in the GTA. Yoon is talented though and she is worth the visit.

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  • Mandy

    A store should always be cleaned & set up in such a way that if a photographer came, they could take pictures on the spot. Presentation is huge.

    Also, I personally think in most scenarios, that if an owner cannot take some time to talk with a customer about their service or product, then the customer is better off finding a different place that values the opinion of the customer.

    • meredith

      Mandy-Exactly. The fact that she said ‘it’s too messy’ …what does that imply? That she doesn’t think presentation is important! I found that so ironic…her business is ‘beauty’-which is mostly visual yet her space isn’t tidy.

      Like I said before, it’s unfortunate that she (owner) chose to act the way she did. I wasn’t going to ask an adult why they couldn’t spend 5 minutes with a new customer-but I am definitely going somewhere else. I already posted about this on twitter AND facebook and have gotten several suggestions of other salons!

  • BeautyReflections

    Meredith, you could be a Mystery Shopper-checking out places and customer service.You are really good at it!
    The whole credit card thing is a little sketch. I want to see pics of you lashes now! I’ve always wondered about extensions.

    • meredith

      I have left my credit card on file at salons/spas before….but not the first time I visit! In addition the fact that the owner said, “Don’t complete the transaction”-that’s MAJORLY sketchy, you’re right! Who knows where my cc number could have ended up? Or what I could’ve been charged? YIKES!

  • Mama Dukes

    I would have been out of there when greeted with the too-short lounger! I can’t imagine that they will be open too much longer with that kind of service. And hey, they don’t deserve to be! So….where’s the picture??

    • meredith

      I didn’t know that was the lounger I would be laying on! I expected that there would be a back room…my mistake (of course)

      I am not sure what will happen with them. This is a popular business in Toronto so I am sure they will have clients.

      I will take a photo-it’s hard to do your own eye though

  • stacii

    what were the other places that were recommended to you?? and how good did your lashes look? 1-10?

    • meredith

      Lashes look great actually….I would say 8 out of 10!

      The other places that were recommended were:

      Pretty in the City

  • Sarah

    You should do your research into lash extensions. I can’t find any other salon in Toronto that takes the care that Chichlash does. I am studying Opthomology at U of T and we have recently been discussing procedures like lash extensions. I’ve learned so much about the cleanliness of these places and the tools they use as well as the dangers of the glue they use right next to your eye. Susan at Chichlash is the only lash technician I have come across in all of Toronto (and I’ve been to a lot of places, having lash extensions done on and off for the last 6 or 7 years), who knows the dangers of chemicals in or near your eyes and comprehends the need for regulation of this growing industry. I know she used to work at another salon in Toronto and just opened Chiclash very recently hoping to help regulate the safety issues. I’m sure she’s really busy with everything involved with opening a brand new business. She’s actually really nice and knowledgable, you probably just caught her at a bad time. Yoons lashes are nice, but you need to go back and have an appointment with Susan. Her skill is beyond any I’ve seen, you will really notice the difference.
    In total and complete honesty, being someone that has visited many of the Lash Salons in Toronto, I highly recommend Chiclash and implore you, Meredith, to go back and see Susan for an appointment. Even for the health and safety of your own eyes.
    Hope this helps! Be careful with your eyes people…. you may have two but you really need both of them!
    PS – I would rate the lashes that Yoon did for me an 8 out of 10 and the ones Susan did a 10 out of 10. She honestly goes the extra mile for perfection!

    • meredith

      Sarah…thanks so much for your feedback. I will not argue about the service…the service was good (minus the short couch). You may be right-I have a feeling that Susan is overwhelmed with the prospect of a new business location. However, she should consider taking 5 minutes for customers that ask (politely) for some time.

      Also, I have called twice to book a follow up appointment and have yet to receive a phone call. It’s been over a week. Not a good sign. I would love to give Chic Lash another opportunity to prove me wrong, but so far (service wise), they are missing the mark.

  • jenn

    How interesting, I went in the other day & was treated terribly. I also saw some random guy walking around, not to mention the awful customer service The lady I assume was Susan spoke to me as if she was doing me a favor!!I’ve been going to Winks lash boutique for the last two years & have had an incredible experience every time. I only went in because it’s closer to me but would happily hitchhike to Winks if this is the service I would receive at Chic.
    The time I spent there made me even more grateful I found Yonette of Winks two years. If you want the best lashes the city I highly recommend you see her. Notwithstanding she’s trained most of the the lash techs in the city!!

    • meredith

      Jenn….I am sorry to hear about your (equally) bad experience at Chic Lash. I don’t know if you saw the other commenter below who mentioned that Susan may have been having an ‘off’ day and my response to her.

      I am hoping that it’s just the fact that Susan is overwhelmed with the new business and that she can (eventually) give the service that the other commenter spoke of. I haven’t seen it. I have called Chic Lash 3 times to try to book a follow up (and give them another chance) and I have heard nothing.

      As far as the guy walking around, I don’t mind that as long as I know who he is! He answered the phone the second time I called and said Susan would get back to me but that was at least a week ago. Too bad. I like these lashes and would like to give Yoon the business.

      Maybe I can go there and find out if Yoon works somewhere else?

  • Amanda

    I just had my lashes done by Susan last night and LOVE them. This is the 4th set I’ve had done by Susan, and I’m really glad to see that she has opened her own shop. I can’t imagine that she would give bad service, as she has gone well out of her way twice to accommodate me and my hectic schedule. I can only agree that this must have been the result of the stresses of a newly opened small business (the salon has only been open for a month!). While I can understand that you might be reluctant to leave your credit card number on file without an explanation – there are certainly enough bad guys out there that we all need to be careful! – I’m sure there was a valid explanation, and that you weren’t intentionally shuffled off.
    The studio is adorable, and I can’t wait to see how things develop as the salon takes off. Especially when a new business opens, customer feedback is OH-SO-IMPORTANT – I can see how if there are others in the salon you might want a “safer” place to store your purse. It is definitely a strange feeling not to be able to open your eyes to see what’s going on around you!

    All in all, I love the salon, love the service, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the end result. 10 out of 10, and it’s well worth the price knowing that the adhesive will last longer AND is better for my eyes. I will definitely be back, and tell all of my friends!

    • meredith

      Amanda…thanks for your feedback!

      I truly do want to love chic lash…but how am I supposed to adore them if they can’t return my phone calls? I have called them 3 times already, left voicemail messages, and left messages with a person.

      What do you suggest?

  • Mar k

    My lash girl is amazing. She has been doing before most of these places were open. I am a makeup artist and know quality. Her prices are amazing and many people in city go to her exclusive small business. She uses best and safest product available.

    • meredith

      who is your lash girl please?
      I have to say that Susan is pretty d*mn good-not sure anyone can top her.

  • Holly

    Hi Meredith,

    I was scheduled for an appointment there after i bought a coupon for a full set of lashes. Wow was Susan ever a nightmare to deal with. I highly recommend people to seek elsewhere for their semi-perm lashes.30 minutes prior to my appointment after i made the treck down to the location, Susan calls me to cancel the appointment. She was so rude and un-apologetic about it and behaved as if she was doing me a favor just making the appointment. I was so furious with her and her attitude I will never go back there. With that kind of attitude, and from what you mentioned about the dirty salon, i doubt she will be in business for much longer. What a terrible person and experience. I myself have been to Orange Tree Spa (up in Thornhill) on Dufferin street and it was fabulous.

    • meredith

      wow Holly….I am sorry to hear that….could I ask a favor?Could you send me your email address-there should be a contact me on my blog….I would like to talk offline about this if you are willing.

      Hmm. My past 2 experiences at Chic Lash have been super fabulous. I would like to hear more from you.

      Thank you for your feedback!

  • Amy

    I had a really bad experience with Susan and will never go back even though it is so convenient. While I was laying on the famous short lounger, her new receptionist was cold calling some data base (did she take that list from her former workplace?) and telling them about a promo for $99 while I’m paying full price. Susan would berate this receptionist frequently. A woman came in and asked about the lashes. Receptionist asked Susan if she could tell her about the lashes. She very rudely replied “not now”. In the middle of my application, Susan called over a trainee to finish my set. I insisted that Susan continue. That’s who I booked my appt with after all. I will say she is very good but extremely abrasive and cocky. I am in the service industry and cannot see her in biz long if she continues this behavior and keeps her clients in plain view on that silly lounger. I should have listened to you after reading your blog prior to my appt but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. You were dead on!!

  • Christina N.

    Thank you for all of your comments! I, too, have a coupon for a full-set of lashes at Chic Lash Lounge. I am now officially fearful to even try this new experience. Do I ask for Susan or Yoon? What is involved in removing them should I change my mind shortly there after? Also, I really appreciated the awareness that we should have when chemicals come close to our eyes. I will likely try this in the next little while. Let’s just say that my expectations are very low on the customer service side of things. I think that I can suck-it-up and bite my tough if need be. I quite simply look forward to having thicker lashes.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


    • meredith

      Hey Christina!
      Thanks for your comment…..I don’t think you should be fearful. There IS talent at Chic Lash, but the level of service is lacking. Yoon no longer works there so I am not sure who will be working on you. Susan is incredibly skillful in application but is dealing with the stresses of a new business (which in my opinion may have overwhelmed her) which may in part explain her poor attitude. Does that make it acceptable? No.

      I am sure you will love the lashes regardless. I have moved on to another salon and am quite happy with my results!

      Enjoy your holiday!

      • Christina N.

        Hi Meredith,

        Thank you for your response. From your perspective, should I ask for Susan and keep my expectations in check and keep my comments/thoughts to myself? I will share my experience with you after my “adventure”. OK?



        • meredith

          I am not sure how the coupon deals work-I suppose you could ask for Susan. That’s one thing I will say thou-she is very picky about who she hires so I am sure whoever does your lashes will be sufficient!

          I (and my readers/subscribers) would love to hear how things went! I am sure the results will be fantastic!

  • Bonnie

    I just came back from getting my lashes down by Susan. I had to go in after work so i was pretty much her last appointment. Over the phone she sounded a bit tense, I think that’s just her personality but she does mean well. I like my lashes but somehow feel like I rushed in to buying the lashem product that she offered. This thing better work since it’s sooooo expensive. While I was there she told me about L curls but they haven’t arrived yet. I thought it was strange that she didn’t have them at hand. I would totally went for that instead of the B lashes. I had a good experience although it was a bit awkward at first and we had a good chat during the process. My lashes turned out good. I think she did a good job but since it was my first time, I don’t know what to expect. One thing that I did appreciate about her is her honesty. I think she’s not the type to sweet talk u into something. I’m glad to hear that people thinks she’s talented at this – at least I know I made the right choice. I have to go back cuz I have another coupon. My recommendation is just to smile and don’t expect to be pampered like at a spa. But expect that she will do her best job on you lashes. I mean that’s what u r basically Paying for right? She is very knowledgable and I think she really does want the best for her clients and give them good quality lashes.

    • meredith

      @Bonnie-thanks for responding. I think everyone has to make their own judgement call on Susan’s work. I was expressing my opinion. you are expressing yours. I have to say that Susan is VERY talented-but she is so passionate about her work/craft, that she becomes easily agitated/frustrated when people question or challenge her. While her passion is admirable, if she wants to work so closely (inches from the face) with the public, the patience level needs to increase. A LOT. Glad you are satisfied with your lashes.

  • Marigold Chris

    I have been doing extensive research on Chic Lash ( after being recommended by a friend) and I have read some positive BUT also alot of negative reviews on this establishment.After reading your two blogs on Chic Lash and the other reviews,the obvious must be asked.Would your review have not of changed if the Owner did not know you would blog about her place.Given the fact you wanted to take pictures and ask her questions for your blog(realizing the power of Social Media) was her good nature and her willingness to sit down with you and explain ” the trends of the industry” a result of what you would put out there for readers to read??? How come there are so many dissatisfied readers who don’t share you opinion.Today in these times,ANY company needs to be concerned about 1 dissatisfied customer…never mind multiple.sounds like I need to take my business elsewhere.

  • Mj

    Brutal. Showed up for my 3 pm appt, nobody there. Called at 325, girl said thought appt was 330 so gave benefit of doubt. She arrived, gave me half lashes promised, looks horrible. She also answered her cell phone throughout Appt and double booked someone else. Stay the heck away, as the quality and service SUCK!!!!
    she is rude and unprofessional.

    • meredith

      @Mj geesh. So I guess nothing has changed. That’s sad. I hope that you are able to find a place that you will be happy with for your lash extensions. If you are in Toronto, I’m happy to pass along some recommendations. Thanks for your comment.

  • TM

    I had a really bad experience with this place as well. Susan began working out of a satellite location and posted a promo for 55 lashes/eye at $55. When I called to make the appointment and confirm the price Susan said that the ad was wrong and that it was actually $79 so that’s how much she would charge. I asked if she would honour the posted price and she eventually agreed. So I went to the appointment (which she rebooked and then was late for) and she did a good job. Except the lashes barely made a difference on my eyes. I realized that she only gave me a 30 lash/eye set instead. WTF? Won’t go back to this dishonest lady again.

  • Kelly

    I had a really bad experience with this place as well. Susan began working out of a satellite location and posted a promo for 55 lashes/eye at $55.
    When I called to make the appointment and confirm the price Susan said that the ad was wrong and that it was actually $79 so that’s how much she would charge. I asked if she would honour the posted price and she eventually agreed.
    So I went to the appointment (which she rebooked and then was late for) and she did a good job. Except the lashes barely made a difference on my eyes. I realized that she only gave me a 30 lash/eye set instead.

    WTF? Won’t go back to this dishonest lady again.

    • meredith

      @Kelly geez, I was hoping that things would have improved. I guess not. I’m sorry you had such a poor experience but hope that it doesn’t turn you off from extensions forever. I have several friends that offer lash extensions services so if/when you’re ready to try them again, let me know!