G Fox Gems bling!

Several weeks ago, Paola (of tea tree water review fame on this blog) let me in on a little secret….that she knew someone that had a jewelry store that sold (among other things) watches!  And not just ANY watches, but the type that are so en vogue right now-similiar to my beloved Toy Watch.  The only difference being the AWESOME price!

She gave me the website and away I went.  First there was one….and currently I am up to 4-check it out:

Yes I have 4 and no I don't wear all of them at the same time, but it would still be cool if I did!

And just in case you needed another perspective:

You can't' tell me these are anything but fabulous!

I am in love with my G Fox Bling!  Granted some of these went back into the package they came in after the photograph-as they will be gifted.  For the price, you can’t go wrong….and psssst!  Let me tell you another secret….they usually have a sale going on.

Looks like you really CAN have it all-with G. Fox!


You won’t be sorry!  🙂


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  • Cherry

    darn straight! they are awesome in many ways!

    • meredith

      I know! I am so tempted to keep all of them but that is way too selfish, even for me.

      • Cherry

        sometimes, you just got to treat yourself. I don’t know how you are going to choose, you need one for each outfit.

  • jillojello

    OMG there are little foxes on them …. FOXES!!! Now I must get one. I love foxes.

    • meredith

      oh that’s right! I saw you post that picture of the ‘foxy’ tee shirt! GET SOME!

  • Paola

    Well, what can I say, other than I LOVE THOSE WATCHES!!!! I can’t get enough of them PLUS I get compliments every single time I’m wearing them!! awesome price too. I say keep three and give away one 😉 haha… then treat yourself to some of the other jewelery she designs… her other designs are just gorgeous!

    • meredith

      I love my arm candy too!

  • grrrlindacity

    hi I just came across your blog post and wanted to I LOVE G Fox Gems too!!! I find them every year at PRIDE and always get the coolest bling on sale. They have a booth every year! I get the details from their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GFoxGems.Custom.Jewellery

    • meredith

      I don’t know how I didn’t hear about G Fox sooner to be quite honest. I am looking forward to checking out the other jewelry designs and just love that I have the ability to have my jewelry custom made! #winning!

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    June 13, 2011 - 3:49 pm
  • Chad Warford

    I am a big fan of G Fox Gems already, have a few of their mens rings, their product line is hot to say the least. I can’t wait to see what they design next.

  • G FOX

    I love all these posts! & I’m i’d love to meet everyone this year at the booth.
    🙂 I’m putting the map up tonight so everyone can know where to hit us up!


    • meredith

      I wish I could’ve made Pride this year but opted to visit my family in NY instead.

      Looking forward to meeting you upon my return though!

  • Michelle

    I just received my first order from G Fox Gems, my new Bling consists of that’s right not just one but two TIMEBOMB watches, Hot pink and Green, I couldn’t pass up the deal, the green one was the Friday special. lol And a Kick Ass Silver Fox Pendant, & a Stainless Fox Key Chain…LOVE IT!!!!!! if you want to see my new bling go to my Face Book page.

    • meredith

      Michelle….sounds great! Would love to view your items on FB, but I guess I can’t unless we are friends! Any chance you would embed them into another comment!

      I am so glad that I have access to such wonderful pieces. They are beautiful-the watches AND the jewelry!