Chic Lash part deux-redemption!

If you know me, you know how much I hate being wrong.

But in this case I was wrong… Sarah and Amanda huge props/shout outs to you for imploring me to re-visit Chic Lash.

I went in for a touch up after weighing several options (letting the extensions work through their natural cycle, or going somewhere else).  After reading horror stories on the internet, and re-reading comments on my original Chic Lash post, I decided to call again and make an appointment.

I had actually counted only 6 lashes that had fallen out since Yoon had done my lashes.  I had taken extra special care to not get the lashes wet or stick my face in a shower spray!

Susan actually worked on my touch up this evening.  I got to talk to her-find out more about her, and learn about her perspective/take on the ‘industry’ and what she’s doing with Chic Lash.  She added some lashes (I believe it was 20 more on each side?) and here is the result:

After the lashes

After lashes

How beautiful is that?

Susan did a fantastic job and what a difference! I wish that I had the opportunity to speak with her the first time that I had my lashes done.  I WILL be back to Chic Lash because I am convinced that they are the best. Just look at my lashes!

Great Job Chic Lash-I stand corrected!


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  • amelia

    Aw, they look great! I’m glad to know there’s somewhere good to go now when I want them done:)


    • meredith

      Thanks Amelia! I had to write this post-I was wrong with my first impression. So glad I had some feedback telling me to go back!

      How the heck are you these days?

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    July 20, 2011 - 8:15 am
  • Marigold Chris

    I have been doing extensive research on Chic Lash ( after being recommended by a friend) and I have read some positive BUT also alot of negative reviews on this establishment.After reading your two blogs on Chic Lash and the other reviews,the obvious must be asked.Would your review have not of changed if the Owner did not know you would blog about her place.Given the fact you wanted to take pictures and ask her questions for your blog(realizing the power of Social Media) was her good nature and her willingness to sit down with you and explain ” the trends of the industry” a result of what you would put out there for readers to read??? How come there are so many dissatisfied readers who don’t share you opinion.Today in these times,ANY company needs to be concerned about 1 dissatisfied customer…never mind multiple.sounds like I need to take my business elsewhere.

    • meredith

      @Marigold Chris thanks for your response. I’m not sure if you’re asking me a question or making a statement (I’m going to go with the statement). The last time I was in the neighborhood, the building that formely housed Chic Lash was up for sale and the business had moved uptown (thinking 1000 block Yonge Street). I posted about MY experiences at Chic Lash. I have looked online and seen both positive and negative reviews-I think that is common among most beauty/service related establishments. It’s up to you to draw your own conclusions-I try to provide information as to provide my readers tools with which to make an ‘educated, informed’ decision. You said you’ve done research-and that’s fantastic! Especially for a service that has to be done well-it’s your eyes after all….a mistake could be costly.
      I agree with you-in this day and age with Social Media becoming accepted as form of adveertising, businesses do have to be extremely “careful” and diligent regarding customer service. I would imagine that the reason people go into business is because they believe in their product or work and WANT to treat customers well in order to be successful.
      I hope you are able to get lash extensions at an establishment you feel comfortable with and treat you well. Again, thank you for your opinion!