Finest Feathers!

One of the trends that I have been super excited to try (and have indulged in recently) are feather hair extensions.  I was lucky enough to spot Finest Feathers at a popular flea market in the area.  I only had 4 feathers put in my hair but took a business card because I knew I would be getting some more before I left!

Melissa (of Finest Feathers) came to my house this morning. We had discussed what I wanted prior to her coming.  She told me she would put some lavender “bundles” aside for me.  “Bundles” are 4 feathers put together.  She did that but she also brought along a huge plastic tote full of all the other feathers, just in case I wanted something else.  When I say huge, I am thinking it’s a 10 gallon tote-granted they are feathers, but that is still awkward to carry around (kudos for excellent customer service). She also sat me down and showed me the different color clamps she had and asked what color I prefer-yes she is THAT detailed….down to the clamp color people!  I chose a copper clamp.

She pulled out the lavender bundles….she also let me know that the feathers that she uses are of the highest quality and that they are treated rooster feathers and NOT synthetic.  The synthetic feathers ARE cheaper, but you can’t heat style your hair with them (they will melt and stick to your hair-yikes, and no thank you).

Here’s what she did:

Melissa sectioning my hair in preparation for placing a bundle....

Lavendar bundles placed

Don't know what kind of face I have on but another shot of the lavendar bundle

Working on the front of my hair-a single strand of hot pink, just had to do it!

Placing the hot pink strand

She has an eye for the right spot!

Melissa hard at work

The tools of the trade


A happy customer am I!!

I have to tell you I am absolutely delighted with my feathers! I wish I could get more!  Melissa is so meticulous with her work and has a great eye for color and placement.  I love that she took her time and let me look and approve all of the placements before securing them with a clamp!  Perfecto! I wish she was in T.O.! However, I know I will be visiting her again the next time I am back in town!

you can contact Melissa at is mobile (within reason of course)!!  As soon as I can find her Facebook page, I will post it!





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  • Cherry

    Neat! How long do these feathers last? How do you shampoo with them on? Can you remove them easily?

    • meredith

      The feathers are forever…they grow with your hair so you can remove and re-use the clamp and slide them back up towards your scalp as your hair grows. They can be removed anytime.

      Yes, you can shampoo them and even use heat with them. That’s why you should always use real feathers!

      • Cherry

        Interesting…… I was curious since a professional is needed to put them on for your 1st time, so I thought it was hard to position them in place on our own.

        By the way, I think you need some feather earrings to match with your feather extensions. Remember those amazing ones we saw at the clothing show? =) I kind of want one now…..wish I bought a pair!!

        • meredith

          She showed me what to do!

  • ElaineA

    So cute Meredith, and how cool that she came to your place!!! Next time I see you you’ll have to show them to me close up!

    • meredith

      elaine…but of course! I can adjust these myself and will be ordering the tool to open/close the clamps

  • missmarisol

    I wondered if you could wash them. What a neat way to change up your hair without making a commitment.

    • meredith

      I really like them! Although I am not against
      dying my hair pink/purple!